Sure! anyone can take some pictures at your wedding. But on the biggest day of your life, you need someone with the experience to be in the right place at the right time. You need someone who knows how to capture that special way your partner looks at you. Someone who can capture ‘that moment.’

I understand how important meaningful and beautiful images of your wedding day are to you and your family. My unique skill set is perfect for this, because of my knowledge and experience I am able to pre-empt and capture special moments of emotion and joy as they happen. And the good news is, the wedding photos won’t be a lengthy photo-shoot that will take over your day.

What I love most about photographing weddings are the real and unplanned moments which I like to call ‘the in-between moments.’  An emotional father proudly fighting back the tears, friends busting moves on the dance floor, a loving glance from your new spouse as you say “I DO.” These fleeting moments are the stories that will be talked about for years to come and it’s what I love most about wedding photography.


Through the joy of wedding photography, I capture the magic and wonder of human interaction. Starting with the bridal preparations, I document the story of the day as it unfolds, all the excitement, happiness and raw emotions.

From the first look of the designer wedding dress to tender moments as the couple take their first steps as man and wife. I invest my time seeking out images that feel real, soulful and timeless, producing authentic images that trigger memories and have true emotional value for the Bride and Groom.


I come to your wedding as a trained Visual Storyteller, drawing upon more than 10 years of creative media experience working in the Television and Music industry. A related Photography Degree, coupled with ten years as a Professional Wedding Photographer enhances my professionalism and influences the strong cinematic qualities of my work.

Soulful story-driven images are blended with artistic natural looking portraits beautifully mixing colour with contemporary black and whites for detailed storytelling. I am an available light photographer, which means I’m far more interested in capturing the perfect moment than the perfect picture. On a wedding day, I’m unobtrusive, I work fast and without big distracting lights in order to produce natural, timeless images without gimmicks.


Smile - You're in safe hands! The education and experience of having photographed a wide variety of UK & Destination Weddings have helped fine-tune my style and approach as a creative documentary wedding photographer. I have the skills and techniques available to direct and pose (if needed) to get those must have shots for the album.

As amazing as my couples are, I love nothing more than getting creative with them, helping them to shine a little brighter and to look their best for some wow factor and personality-led portraits. These are the types of photographs my Brides and Grooms call ‘works of art’ and they proudly hang on their walls.


I've never met anybody who said "I went to an amazing wedding at the weekend and we all stood around (in lines) for ages having a photo-shoot."

However, I understand that there are 'must-have shots' that need a little bit of organising & planning. If these are required, I suggest no more than 20 minutes for 'formal group shots.'

The best results are if this takes place straight after the ceremony whilst everyone is present. I also suggest having a designated and confident 'organiser' that is familiar with relevant family members. For example an Usher (*job's in the title). This then allows me/the photographer to concentrate on taking the pictures.


I'm a sucker for a good love story and I want to tell yours. My approach to wedding photography is about 75% documentary however, I always suggest building in two 20/30 minute Bride & Groom portrait sessions. One before the wedding breakfast and another later in the day. This, not only gives two completely different sets of images, but we can take advantage of the evening light and surrounding locations.

These are NOT lengthy photoshoots. I don't take you away from the party and your guests for too long. The portraits we create, are largely 'unposed' and are a unique reflection of the bride and groom's personality and the location.
*The day can go by incredibly fast, and once the confetti is swept away and the honeymoon tan has faded, you will have some beautiful pictures of just the both of you to treasure.


After the wedding my couples receive a personal online gallery so that they can share all the excitement of the wedding day with family and friends. I also believe in the value of the 'printed product' therefore I can produce for you a beautiful Storybook Wedding Album, printed in Italy by the world's best manufacturer.

Designed 'in-house' by Wes Simpson Weddings, the album will take the viewer on a visual journey of photographic artistry, love and celebration. Skilfully designed pages showcase a logical narrative that showcases love, humour and emotion. When turning the pages of my wedding albums, the viewer will hear the music and laughter and feel the love, joy and celebration the day brought. The emotional value of the day can be felt as each page is turned in a wedding album to be proud of, for now and for future generations.