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You have probably landed on this page after searching for “wedding photographers in Wigan?” So let me introduce myself as Wes Simpson, a professional award-winning Wigan wedding photographer. I hope to be of service to you.

Wedding photography is exciting and one of the most important investments you will make for your wedding. After all, the pictures are all you have left once the day is over.

A lot of couples worry about wedding photography, awkward poses and it eating into their day. I photograph you at your best and the moments that matter so that you have meaningful pictures and a wedding you will love.

When I photograph your wedding, I do so wholeheartedly. I expertly and discreetly photograph everything. The details, hugs, smiles and tears, I will show you things that happened you never knew about.

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Wigan wedding photographer

The Best Wedding Photographer in Wigan

You probably have not planned a wedding before and wondering how to choose a Wigan wedding photographer for your Greater Manchester or Lancashire wedding.

When you start looking for the perfect Wigan wedding photographer to capture your day, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. You do not want to make a mistake and there are so many photographers to choose from.

Some photographers take posed pictures and some do not. So I understand your dilemma right now with planning a wedding and trying to find the best Wigan wedding photographer to capture your special day. 

How will you know that the photographer you choose will capture pictures that will tell a story and that you would be happy to put them on your wall?

Even more importantly, how can you be sure that your photographer will make you look your best in the photos without taking too long?

As a leading Wedding Photographer in the Wigan area, I have the answer for you.

My goal is to make sure that you have wedding photography that captures the story and the emotion of your wedding day. From the excitement of getting ready in the morning to all those unplanned moments in between. 

After more than 15 years leading the way as a Wigan wedding photographer, you can trust I know what the key ingredients are, to not only take great photographs but make it an enjoyable experience for you, family and friends.

My approach to wedding photography involves directing and not posing, this is combined with inspired lighting and simple storytelling.

The goal is to make you look your best in the pictures whilst quickly and discreetly capturing the moments that matter.

Sound good? If so, let’s talk.

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Wigan wedding photographer

Award-winning Wigan wedding photographer

With a first-rate record for creating non-posed images, modern couples see me as the only Wigan wedding photographer for them.

My unmatched customer service and a results-driven attitude. Winner of multiple wedding photography awards. These include –

Top 50 wedding photographers in the UK.

Top 10 Destination wedding photographers in England.

A showbiz wedding of mine was even featured in “The 50 most memorable celebrity weddings of the decade in Hello! Magazine.”

Over 15 years,  I have been dedicated to meeting my customers’ needs while adapting my services and approach to photographing weddings in a manner that best suits the couple.

If you book me as your Wigan wedding photographer, you can trust your memories are in safe hands.

Wigan wedding photographer Wes Simpson

Favourite Wigan wedding venues

As an award-winning Wigan wedding photographer, you can trust that I have photographed weddings at some of the region’s finest wedding venues.

Some of my favourite Wigan wedding venues include Ashfield House in Standish, historic Haigh Hall in Wigan, MacDonald Kilhey Court and other nearby venues such as Haydock Park, Holiday Inn and Wrightington Country Club.

In addition to weddings in Wigan, I have photographed more than 400+ weddings throughout the UK and overseas. So, if you’re from Wigan but planning a wedding elsewhere, my passport is ready!

Your Wigan wedding photographer

I believe wedding photos should stand the test of time, they should capture you at your best and the moments that truly matter. They should not look cheesy or dated in a few years.

If this sounds like the type of photography for you, we have a lot to talk about. Take a look at my signature work and my portfolio for examples of real weddings.

Keep up to date with all the latest weddings and related stories on my blog. 

Contact me today to be your Wigan wedding photographer. I look forward to meeting you. 

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Weddings last hours. memories last a lifetime. don’t settle for pictures you won’t love.