A selection of weddings photographed at venues throughout the UK


"A wedding celebration is the most unique day of your life. A day filled with magic that you’ll talk about forever.
Wedding pictures, therefore, serve as a refreshing reminder of those special memories.
Don’t just live those rare (and fleeting) golden moments in the past, let me preserve them and help you bring them forward to your future." - Wes Simpson


My approach to wedding photography is about 80% documentary and 20% arty, posed and formals. After more than a decade photographing weddings, I have found this to be a perfect balance. The documentary stuff is perfect for capturing all the real stories, showing you things you didn’t see and helping you remember how you felt, it also means your wedding won’t turn into a photo shoot and I won’t take you away from your guest for large periods of time.

The art of documentary is anticipation…

Originally from a film background, my education and personal experiences are perfect for the style of photography. I have an incredible gift of being able to visualise an image in my mind before I’ve pressed the shutter. This enables me to create artistic images and to pre-empt and capture special moments as they happen.

The arty stuff is perfect for creating unique portraits of you both and showcasing details such as your dress, the venue and location. The portraits are personality lead, which means I don’t ask you to do anything you don’t want. If you’re a fun couple we could inject a sense of humour or adventure into the portraits or if romance is your thing we might take advantage of a beautiful sunset. Past clientele often refers to the images I produce here as “works of art” which they proudly hang on their walls.