The No1 Tuscany Wedding Photographer In The UK

A complete guide to wedding photography in Tuscany by an award-winning Tuscany wedding photographer based in the UK.

Wes Simpson is your English destination wedding photographer who travels to Tuscany for your wedding in Italy.

Finding the perfect Tuscany wedding photographer to capture your celebration is one of the most important parts of planning a wedding in Tuscany.

After all, once the wedding is over, the pictures are all you have left!

Hiring a photographer you trust and whose style of photography you love is even more important when having a destination wedding than getting married at home…

Family and friends invest in a holiday to see you tie the knot and everyone back home will want to share the excitement of your wedding through your pictures.

Tuscany is a beautiful location and perfect for destination weddings. With that said, you may not want to use an Italian or local Tuscany photographer to photograph your day.

Instead, you should think about hiring the leading UK-based Tuscany wedding photographer that can travel with you to Italy…


Tuscany wedding photographer based in the UK. Bride and groom at sunset with big plant pot in Tuscany Hills

UK photographer for your Italy wedding

Understandably, a lot of couples from the UK, USA and Australia worry about their wedding photography when planning a destination in Tuscany, Italy.

Awkward poses, the language barrier and the risk of being ripped off are just some of the common concerns of UK couples planning a wedding abroad.

For over 15 years, I have been travelling to Italy to photograph weddings. During this time, I have developed a system for delivering meaningful pictures.

The documentary style and system are simple, and effective and won’t interfere with your day.

Plus, you get to deal with me directly in the UK, before, during and after the wedding. So you can trust your Tuscany wedding pictures are in safe hands.

How it works: Booking a UK-based Tuscany wedding photographer?

Read on or book a no-obligation discovery call today to find out more.

Tuscany Wedding photographer. Bride and groom holding hands in vine yards of Tuscany

I love being a Tuscany wedding photographer

As a leading award-winning Tuscany wedding photographer based in the UK, if you choose to work with me, you can trust that your wedding pictures are in safe hands.

I have been lucky enough to have photographed many weddings in Italy since my first-ever destination wedding back in 2009 which took place in Positano on the Amalfi Coast.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with many couples from the UK and overseas that choose to elope and get married in Italy.

Tuscany is one of my favourite parts of the country to photograph weddings. So, if you’re planning a wedding in Tuscany, I would be delighted to talk to you and answer any questions.

What I love about Tuscany

As an award-winning Tuscany wedding photographer from the UK, I love capturing the rolling hills, magical sunsets, vineyards and olive gardens.

Tuscany is now one of the most popular wedding destinations in Europe for couples from the UK, the USA and Australia and it’s easy to see why.

Being a Tuscany wedding photographer from the UK and photographing weddings in Italy is a photographic dream! I love the culture, architecture and pace of life.

I’m based in the North West of England, so the sort 2/3 hour flight time from Manchester and Liverpool John Lennon airport is an added bonus when photographing destination weddings.

One of the things I love most about photographing weddings in Tuscany is that the region offers so many photographic opportunities. Choosing to get married here, you are spoilt for choice.

As a Tuscany wedding photographer from the UK, I love the contrast of colours between the rolling hills of Chianti and the vibrant textures found in the cities and towns of Florence and Siena.

The vast landscapes mixed with pastel-coloured towns, make this part of Italy such a romantic place to get married and a photographic dream!

One of the things I love most about being a Tuscany wedding photographer is the evening light. The sunsets in Tuscany are incredible and a must-have for your wedding photos.

The food and wine here aren’t too bad either…

5 reasons to hire me as your UK-based Tuscany wedding photographer

Wedding photography is exciting and finding the perfect Tuscany photographer to capture your memories is one of the most important investments you will make for your wedding.

Here are just a few reasons why you should hire me for your destination wedding photography in Tuscany, Italy.

1) I’m With You Every Step Of The Way

As a Tuscany wedding photographer based in the North West of England. I can either travel out with your wedding party or separately from Liverpool or Manchester airports.

Having me travel out to Tuscany for your wedding gives you the added security of dealing with me before, during and after the wedding.

2) Quality Control

We have a planning meeting either in the UK or in Tuscany before the wedding day. We go through all the finer details such as timings and formal group shots as required.

I view being hired as your Tuscany wedding photographer as a collaboration. With this in mind, you receive all the pictures via an online gallery and we work together on your album design.

I don’t just show up on the last day of your holiday with a wedding album that’s been quickly thrown together.

3) Experience

I have been a wedding photographer for more than 15 years. Over this duration, I have pleased many brides and grooms with amazing pictures of fleeting moments from their weddings.

I prefer a more documentary style of photography so I am always ready to capture special moments as they happen.

See my documentary wedding photographer page for more information.

From the bridal preparations to the first dance between the newlyweds, I will capture it. There is no hidden cost for extra photography.

4) Trustworthy And Passionate

If you need a destination wedding photographer in Tuscany who stands out from the rest, you have me. I am very passionate about my job and it always comes through in my work.

If you take a look through my portfolio, you will see every smile, every tear and every moment has been captured passionately.

If I weren’t passionate about my job, I wouldn’t have lasted this long in a very competitive industry.

On the other hand, I am very trustworthy. If you hire me to take pictures of your destination wedding in Tuscany, it will be the best decision you will make throughout the event.

The connection you have with your Tuscany wedding photographer is important. From the first consultation to the last meeting, you will be dealing exclusively with me.

On the wedding day, you can rest assured that I will capture every magical moment to make this wedding unforgettable.

5) Patient And Flexible

Well, over the years I have been a photographer, I have mastered the skill of patience. I can wait to get the perfect lighting and take as many photos of the groom, the bride and all the guests.

I have learned to deal with numerous types of guests at weddings. Basically, I always try my level best to capture the best shot. On the other hand, I am very flexible about my photography.

On your wedding day, If the conditions are undesirable, I have always learnt to make the best of what’s there. This is the true story of the day and what will be talked about for years to come

I work fast and understand that if I take too long waiting for the perfect lighting or situation, I will miss the best moments.

Therefore, I always take advantage of what’s in front of me to bring out the best in the situation.

I am just a phone call away!

Book your appointment today and get the best Tuscany wedding photographer for your destination wedding in Italy.

Popular Tuscany wedding photographer venues

There are many types of wedding venues in Tuscany to choose from, they all offer romantic Italian charm and cater for British couples travelling from the UK.

Some of the most popular types of wedding venues in Tuscany that I’ve photographed include:

Classic Italian Villas.

Countryside Farmhouse. Castello Di Bibbione / Fattoria La Loggia

Rustic Castles.

Historic City Venues.

Chic City and Town Locations.

I am available for wedding photography in Tuscany in beautiful places like Val d’Orcia, Cinque Terre, Arezzobut in Florence and the countryside around Arezzo, Siena, and the Chianti hills.

If you’re getting married in Italy and book me as your Tuscany wedding photographer, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to photographs.

If you choose me as your Tuscany wedding photographer, I can offer help and advice so that you can capture these locations in their entire splendour.

If you are looking for a Tuscany wedding photographer who can capture the magic of your wedding day with natural documentary images, I might just be the photographer for you.

Contact me today and let’s talk about your hopes and dreams for your wedding photography in Tuscany.

Florence souvenirs with bride and groom.

English-speaking Tuscany wedding photographer

Many couples from the UK, the USA, and Australia fall in love with Tuscany but worry about finding an English-speaking wedding photographer.

Having an English-speaking Tuscany wedding photographer can prove very important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you will want to be able to easily communicate with your Tuscany wedding photographer before, during and after your wedding.

On the day, you will want to be able to translate your vision of how you would like the day documenting.

Being a Tuscany wedding photographer based in the North West of England, we can FaceTime / Skype or even meet in person and get to know each other before you head out to Tuscany.

Before the wedding, I can answer any questions or concerns you have about hiring a Tuscany wedding photographer and we can put a plan in place.

We would have built up a rapport before the wedding day, you will feel more at ease and I will be able to serve you better by understanding your vision.

Furthermore, I will be able to quickly and effectively organise any group shots and will liaise with you and the guests throughout the celebrations.

Bride and groom sitting in bench over looking Chianti hills. Tuscany wedding photographer cost UK

How much does a wedding photographer in Tuscany cost?

When planning a wedding in Tuscany, one of the first questions you might be asking is, “How much does a Tuscany wedding photographer in Italy cost?”

Or “How much can I expect to pay for a wedding photographer in Tuscany?”

The easy answer is that you can expect to pay between 1800 – 4500 euros for a standard professional Tuscany wedding photographer in Italy.

However, like with most things, this will change depending on the style of the wedding photographer you’re working with, their experience and the amount of coverage you require.

You can expect the wedding photographer’s experience together with your own unique set of requirements to change the price of the wedding photography quote.

Remember that not all wedding photographers are the same.

Visit my wedding photography and album price guide. Request a brochure or contact me to discuss packages and options.

Further reading: A guide to destination wedding photography. 

Tuscany Wedding Photographer Cost

The good news! My Tuscany wedding photographer price is the same as my UK wedding photography cost.

The only additional cost is flight and accommodation. I don’t charge travel days. I am usually in Tuscany for 4 to 5 nights depending on your celebrations.

Please see the albums and price page, request a brochure or schedule a call.

Tuscany wedding photographer price - Bride and groom kissing in Florence. Cathedral of Santa Maria. Tuscany wedding photographer UK

Wedding photography in Florence, Sienna and Pisa

As a Tuscany wedding photographer, I love nothing more than getting creative with my couples.

Often, destination weddings are a weeklong celebration with couples hiring me to photograph the pre-wedding welcome party.

After the wedding why not book a post-wedding photoshoot on location? This is the perfect excuse to put on your wedding dress again and get creative.

Visiting nearby towns and cities such as Florence, Pisa and Sienna will add an extra layer to your Tuscany wedding photographer experience.

One of the best reasons to book a post-wedding photoshoot is the opportunity to create real works of art and incorporate iconic buildings and venues into your photos.

On the wedding day, I photograph the wedding with a documentary approach, capturing the event and the stories as they happen. A post-wedding shoot gives the photos added depth.

Booking a post-wedding location shoot allows you to get on with the day without interruption, safe in the knowledge you have a 2nd photo shoot planned for later in the week.

With a post-wedding location shoot, you have the time to create portraits of just the both of you without it eating into your wedding day.

You can visit famous picture-postcard locations and have them be a part of your wedding album.

Check out this:

Post-wedding photo-shoot in Florence. 

Beautiful wedding picture, bride and groom in Chianti hills. Tuscany wedding photographer

6 Tuscany wedding photography tips

1- Scout locations in advance: Tuscany is known for its picturesque landscapes and charming villages, so make sure to visit the area ahead of time to find the best spots for photos.

2- Take advantage of the light: Tuscany’s warm, golden light is one of its most iconic features, so be sure to plan your shoot around the best light of the day.

3- Incorporate the natural surroundings: Tuscany is famous for its rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves, so make sure to include these elements in your photos.

4- Capture candid moments: The best wedding photos are often the ones that capture, unscripted moments, so be sure to be on the lookout for those special moments throughout the day.

5- Edit your photos: Editing your photos can make a big difference. Adjusting the white balance, saturation and brightness can help to enhance the Tuscan colours and make the images pop.

6- Don’t Forget About The Details:

Tuscany is rich in culture, be sure to look out for interesting details that you can include in your photos, like ancient doors, old stone walls, and other elements that make the area unique.

Tuscany wedding photographer information

I hope you’ve found the information on this page useful and opened you to the possibilities of having the no1 UK based Tuscany wedding photographer travel out to your wedding in Italy.

Please feel free to contact me, and let’s talk about your Tuscany wedding photographer requirements.

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