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The Perfect Wedding? Magazine Myths Exposed

Honest wedding planning advice from a photographer. 

Are you planning the perfect wedding? Then don’t navigate this journey without reading this article. As a two-time Wedding Photographer of the Year, I’m here to guide you through the maze of wedding misconceptions and reveal the real essence of the perfect wedding. 

In the realm of the wedding industry, one burning question often arises: What defines the perfect wedding? Having documented 100’s of weddings worldwide, I’ve learned a thing or two about weddings. I’ve seen them go right and wrong, and as a “professional observer,” I’m perfectly placed for an observation.

Forget the surface-level allure of luxurious settings and impeccable decor that grace magazine pages. Join me in uncovering the truth about the perfect wedding— Let’s debunk the myths and ensure your wedding day is a genuine reflection of your unique love story.

Read on for insights from a trusted wedding expert, and let’s redefine perfection together.

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The Perfect Wedding. Have the magazines got it wrong?

I’ve previously submitted wedding images to popular magazines and blogs. All of the pictures were of real weddings and the images captured emotion, life, and love. I was thrilled to share the stories I had captured.

However, I would frequently receive the following response:

“The pictures are very nice, but we need to see more details… We need images of the floral arrangements, table settings, and other touches. Brides want to find inspiration in our Real Wedding features for help with organising the perfect wedding.”

And I get it. They need to sell advertising and provide content and they want to sell “the dream of the perfect wedding!” by showcasing products and services. But it’s not real. And it’s not attainable.

The purpose of wedding magazines is to provide ideas for the industry and to market vendors, such as florists, venues, and photographers to the thousands of couples planning their weddings.

My work has appeared in these publications. I’ve been featured on several wedding blogs. I’ve even paid to advertise in magazines that “reach high-end brides.”

But as I reflect on the hundreds of weddings I’ve photographed worldwide, one thing stands out. And I can’t emphasise this enough: 

Every wedding is perfect!

And here’s why…

Bridal party running and laughing

So what is the perfect wedding?

Yes, details matter! A couture gown, designer shoes, and a stunning location provide a lovely backdrop, but they are meaningless without the people we love and care about the most.

I love a good party.
I adore cake.
I love matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses.
I enjoy photographing flowers, shoes, designer watches and the little details.

But do you know why I REALLY do what I do?

To photograph your parents as they cry together in the first row of the church.

To capture your sister dancing with the man she will marry in three years.

To capture those children who will grow up quickly. To capture images of your grandfather, who will pass away next spring.

To photograph your first kiss as husband and wife, the flower girl sleeping under a table, and perhaps even your ex looking wistfully as he hugs you a little too long in the receiving line.

You already know that your dress will end up in the loft, your flowers will wilt before the ceremony ends, and no one cares about the chair covers. But those photos… they’ll last forever.

You’ll have them when your children are born. When you have the biggest fight ever with your partner and need to be reminded of how much you truly love each other.

You’ll have them when your parents pass away, and you realise the last time you danced with them was at your wedding…

Groom wiping tear from brides face with priest watching

The truth

I’ve nothing against wedding magazines and their never-ending pursuit of “the perfect wedding” details. PLEASE throw the party of your lives down to the smallest detail. EXACTLY as you envisioned it.

But it’s my job to see past all of that. My job is to provide you with photographs that remind you why you threw that ridiculous, expensive party in the first place.

“Life passes most people by whilst they’re busy making grand plans for it.” – Blow. Jonny Depp.

Please close the magazine if you are currently planning the perfect wedding. Log off of the internet. Take a look at the person you want to spend your life with and remind yourself of the reason you’re planning this wedding.

And when the day arrives, truly CELEBRATE. Stop worrying about the perfect wedding, your shoes, cake, and flowers.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll be married and surrounded by the people who know and love you the most.
That is, without a doubt, The Perfect Wedding.

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If you’re planning the perfect wedding, I hope you found this article useful. If you are looking for the perfect wedding photographer, give me a call!

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“Pay attention to the little things, one day you’ll look back and realise they were actually the big things which mattered the most.”

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