Zara and Ryan's Wedding at Villa Antiche Mura on the Amalfi Coast

Zara and Ryan’s Sorrento wedding photography story from Villa Antiche Mura on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. An exciting destination wedding in Sorrento that provided an opportunity to combine street style inspired photography with documentary style wedding images…


Bride and groom crossing busy road in Sorrento wearing wedding dress from wedding


Bride and Groom.
We are Zara and Ryan (Sav) Saville from Buckley, North Wales. We met in our local pub one Sunday afternoon and got engaged in Sri Lanka after I graduated from University. Ryan proposed whilst we were trekking the jungle on an Elephant, he had secretly extended the holiday and we went to Dubai to pick my ring!!

Tell us about the wedding venue?
The wedding took place at the beautiful Villa Antiche Mura – Il tuo matrimonio in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. We had always wanted to get married abroad as we are both lovers of holidays and the Sun. We went to Italy for a weekend and fell in love with Villa Antiche Mura so soon as we visited. It has amazing views and the best spot in Sorrento for a bit of fizz in the sun.


Who did you wear? 
My dress was Pronovious, it was a fitted lace number with feather detail! Nothing like what I thought I’d wear but I fell in love with it when my mother in law, best friend and I went dress shopping. It was a perfect dress for a wedding in Italy, felt really comfortable wearing it outside all day and night at Villa Antiche Mura.

What about your bridesmaid dresses and what did the guy’s wear?
The wedding theme was royal blue, so the Bridesmaids wore long flowy blue dresses that matched the groom’s men’s grey suits and blue detail. Sav wanted to stand out so his whole suit was a bright royal blue.

What type of flowers did you choose?
Royal blue and white roses, we went for roses because we are massive Everton FC fans and they made the bouquets look like little footballs.


Wedding Photographer- Ceromoney - Villa Antiche Mura - Il tuo matrimonio a Sorrento-3


What type of wedding did you plan and how many guests did you invite?
We flew only the closest friends and family members out to join us tying the knot at Villa Antiche Mura, we had 56 in the end. We are both very family orientated so it was so overwhelming that everyone made such an effort, we all know how to have a good party and that’s exactly what it was.

Describe a standout moment from your wedding day.
One of the best parts of the day was when we took the horse and cart into town for photographs. Everyone was congratulating us and we had such a laugh with Wes. It was nice to chill out and take in what had happened, oh and eat some ice cream (as husband and wife).

How did you tame your wedding day nerves?
I had no nerves at all, I was so excited!
Sav contemplated the Gym- but that never happened. Haha!


What do you love most about your wedding photographs and would you recommend Wes Simpson Weddings to photograph your friends and families wedding day?
YES, 150%…I have never seen wedding pictures like ours. When we got back from our honeymoon we had random people we’d never met approaching us in the local bank telling us they had seen our pictures on Facebook and complimenting them! Wes turns a normal scene into a magnificent memory that we will keep forever.

What did you like most about working with Wes?
He is so creative, he uses his surroundings to their absolute potential and created wonderful images. He is really down to earth and made us feel so comfortable! He listened to what we wanted and gave his own input! The girls and I had a right laugh with him whilst getting ready in the morning. He made us all feel so at ease and offered lots of practical advice.

What is your favourite picture from the wedding?
I love all the photos at Villa Antiche Mura but it has to be when Sav and I are crossing the road in Sorrento. I can’t even describe it, you just go ‘WOW’ when you see it. That road is in the middle of Sorrento town and it’s is crazy busy, and there I am in my wedding dress holding my husband’s hand. It’s a moment in time captured perfectly.


Do you have any advice for future brides or grooms reading this?
A few people thought I was crazy to fly out a UK based wedding photographer to photograph my wedding at Villa Antchie Mura, obviously, there are photographers based in Sorrento and throughout the Amalfi Coast, but the photography was really important to us.

If you just want basic pictures of you and your guest at your wedding then any photographer will do, if you want every special moment told in a story, everyone ounce of emotion captured and photographs that when you look back will make you feel you are reliving the day, Wes is the man.

Also, the day goes so fast, so I’d suggest getting married as early in the day as possible. We had a mid-day wedding, yes it was HOT, but it was worth it to spend more time with guests and each other.

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?
Travelling the world together and plenty of adventure.


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