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Top reasons to invest in a wedding album.


What would it feel like to hold custom made wedding album in your hands that tells the story of your wedding day? What would it mean to share this story with your children and grandchildren?

Digital files fail overtime. They can get lost, become outdated and obsolete due to technology and individual photographs do not have the capacity to tell the full story the way a beautiful custom made wedding album can.

The value of your album allows you to bring your story to life through print for yourselves and for future generations to come.

Don’t get me wrong, digital files are a fantastic addition to your wedding album; when a couple chooses me to photograph their wedding they get an online gallery with all the images from the day. The pictures are backed up on cloud storage providing additional safety.

This method allows the couple to be able to quickly access their images via an app or link, they can then view online, download to their desktop and share the images with family and friends around the world with ease.


You don’t get the same romantic sensibility from digital files as you do with a printed product. And without romanticising on the value of print there’s something about the feel of a printed photograph that adds additional value to the image and the memory it contains.

A photograph printed on fine art finish, smooth or textured paper can enhance the experience and complement the overall story of the image.


When you hold a beautiful handmade custom wedding album in your hand you are not only viewing the pictures but the feel and texture of the paper together with the luxurious smell of the leather, all of which add to an experience that simply can not be replicated when viewing digital files on a screen.

Storybook wedding album package collection white leather glass front cover with parent books and pocket books


When you’re planning your wedding and looking at your budget, everything you are paying for will be used on the day and the last thing you probably want to think about is spending money on something that you will use after the wedding is over. 

But while you’re busy looking at chair covers, chocolate fountains and arguing over seating plans take a minute to stop and think about what happens once the wedding is over.

The dress has been worn, the flowers are dead and the honeymoon tan has faded, the only thing you have left is your wedding pictures. Doesn’t the memory and the legacy of your wedding day deserve more and digital files? 

Trust me, when you look back at your wedding album in 10 years you will not regret skipping the chocolate fountain or getting a cheaper pair of shoes. 

Storybook wedding album made in Italy with black box and white writing


You might be asking yourself do I even need a wedding album? Do I want a wedding album, and will I ever even look at a wedding album? After all, I can put my pictures on Facebook and Facebook is forever right? Wrong. 

What if your wedding pictures were on MySpace? Do you even know where them pictures you posted on MySpace 10 /15 years ago even are now? I don’t. The same goes for pictures on your phone. I for one have lost countless pictures taken on my phone over the years whether that be through phone upgrade, carelessness or the simple act of deletion.

The same will eventually happen to Facebook as Myspace when the next platform comes along. What happens when you’re not using Facebook anymore are you going to go back and download your wedding pictures? They will be lost forever.

Okay with digital files you could just keep them on a USB stick, right? Yes, that’s a great idea and I strongly urge all our customers and anyone getting married to do just that. Have a backup USB in your home and maybe make an extra copy and keep this in your parents home or a friends house so that if anything ever happens to your USB you know that you have a backup. 


But wait! What happens when a USB stick becomes a CD, DVD or floppy disk? Already, modern computers and laptops of fading out USB ports just like they did with DVD, CDs and floppy disks. If all your wedding pictures are on USB stick how will you be able to show your children and grandchildren your wedding pictures in the future? 

Okay, so you could take your digital files and stick them in the cloud. That’s great and I strongly recommend you back up all your digital files on external hard drives and if you have it available to you, cloud storage.

But this is a backup, cloud storage is new technology and just like with all technology there will be progress and eventually, just like the DVD and floppy disk before it, cloud storage will eventually become obsolete whereas a wedding album is a tangible printed product that will never be outdated by technology.

A simple fundamental difference between a printed wedding album and digital files on a USB stick is that you can simply locate your wedding album at any point in the future.

A USB stick could easily be lost in the draw, it could easily get overwritten or become corrupt. Would you be able to locate your USB stick if needs be at a moments notice? I guarantee you would know where your wedding album lives and be able to locate it in your home with a few seconds notice.

Should I buy a wedding album? Storybook wedding album with parent book Young Book and OWB
Open page storybook wedding album with white box and red roses


Can you imagine on your 10th wedding anniversary sitting down to celebrate and looking at your wedding memories through a USB stick on a computer screen? Wouldn’t you agree that there would be more sentimental value and a greater sense of occasion viewing your wedding pictures by holding your wedding album in your hands?

Can you imagine sitting down with your grandchildren in the future, all huddled around an Ipad or Tablet to view your wedding pictures? Telling them your legacy and reliving the memories of how grandma and grandpa fell in love and got married?

Now imagine the same scenario with your grandchildren sat in front of a roaring fireplace and the excitement and anticipation of the reliving those memories through the photographs in a beautifully printed bespoke wedding album. Your album allows you to bring your story to life through the power of print for yourselves and future generations to come. 


Most people have memories of how they use to look at their parent’s wedding album as a child. It offered a window into their world and an insight into the relationship before you came along. As time progressed you would hear stories from various people surrounding the wedding day, inevitably, over time the stories and the memories become a little fuzzy.

A wedding album can help you come together as a family on anniversaries. When turning the pages of the album the pictures will help trigger precious memories and emotions that may have otherwise been lost or forgotten. You simply do not get the same impact from looking at the pictures on a computer screen. 


The TV show Family Fortunes asked 100 people “If you were fleeing a burning home what would you grab and take with you.” The number one answer after children, pets and money was a wedding album.”

Close up of Italian storybook wedding album
Inside pages of storybook wedding album bride crying


A high quality, professionally designed wedding album is definitely an investment, I feel it is worth every penny. Having tangible memories you can share with your friends, family, children and future grandchildren is priceless.

Purchasing digital files from your photographer and designing your own wedding album is an option. You might even think it will be a fun thing to do. But here are three reasons I recommend purchasing the album from your photographer.

1. If you have gone with a reputable professional wedding photographer they will be skilled in designing wedding albums, they would have designed many weddings albums beforehand and perfected skill for the best visual presentation. 

2. The photographer will have access to wedding album manufactures that are not on the high street or available to the public. My wedding albums and printed in Italy by the worlds best manufacturer and they only deal with photographers, this ensures that the quality of the product remains at a high standard.

3. You might have 100’s of pictures from your wedding. Your wedding album is the best way to summarize your wedding day. With the help of your photographer, you can select the best, most impactful images that will bring the memory of your wedding day to life over 30 – 80 pages.


As much as I love photographing the wedding day I love nothing more than creating a beautiful timeless wedding album that my customers will cherish.

My wedding albums are elegant in design and luxurious in styling. I specialise in storybook wedding albums that are designed in house and printed in Italy. 

The best leather and printing techniques complement the overall design of the albums. 13 years of growth and experience within the wedding photography industry is evident as each page is turned when viewing the wedding album.

Visit my albums and price page for examples and more information.


If you don’t do it now, your digital files will sit on your computer collecting dust for years. It might be your 10-year anniversary before you get round to ordering or making your album… and that’s if you ever get around to it. Hopefully, you haven’t lost the files.

It can be a lot of work to create your own wedding album. Simply put, it’s just more convenient to let the professionals handle all the logistics of creating your album, so you can seamlessly enjoy the journey of being married.

Storybook wedding album collection
Storybook wedding album pocketbooks
Two parent books wedding albums


The greatest luxury in life is time. How you spend time, who you spend it with and who gives you theirs. What better way to say thank you for contributing to or attending your wedding than with a printed picture?

When a couple orders a wedding album from me they have the option of purchasing parent books and pocketbooks. Direct duplicates of the main wedding album. The parent books are the size of a hardback novel and aimed at Mum’s and Dad’s, they make for beautiful sentimental presents and are a great way to say thank you.

The pocketbooks and mini books that fit in your handbag, they are ideal gifts for bridesmaids. Both the parent books and pocketbooks make for a special way to say thank you, you simply don’t get that from ’emailing a picture.’

Inside open pages of storybook wedding album could in Florence Italy


There is emotional and personal value connected to a printed wedding album that you simply don’t get from digital images.

I believe in the true value of printed images, therefore, I can produce a beautiful storybook wedding album printed in Italy by the worlds best manufacturers.

If you are planning a wedding, contact me today and let’s talk about your wedding album. Take a look at my portfolio for examples of work, the blog for the latest weddings and my approach page to photographing your wedding. 

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