Richard Ashcroft Liverpool live photography by Wes Simpson

Richard Ashcroft Liverpool Live Photos

Professional photos of Richard Ashcroft live.

Richard Ashcroft Liverpool Live M&S bank arena.

Professional photos of Richard Ashcroft Liverpool live. Wes Simpson captured the exclusive event and music photography of Acoustic Hymns at the M&S bank arena.

In October, iconic singer-songwriter, and former frontman of The Verve, Richard Ashcroft brought an acoustic evening of his classic songs to the M&S arena in Liverpool.

The show was a special celebration of his most popular songs and featured new interpretations of many of his classic solo and The Verve compositions.

I received unique access on the night to photograph the iconic singer-songwriter in all of his splendour.

Here’s my account of an unforgettable night in Liverpool, as well as some of my favourite images.


Liverpool M&S arena Richard Ashcroft photography

Richard Ashcroft Liverpool Live Photos

They say “you shouldn’t meet your idols” …but what about taking pictures of them?

In October, I had the pleasure of photographing Richard Ashcroft, one of my all-time favourite singers.

I probably listen to the former frontman of The Verve more than any other artist. His songs have and continue to provide a soundtrack to my life.

Ashcroft was even my number-one artist on Spotify’s end-of-year playlist. So combining my love of photography with my love of music and Richard Ashcroft was a real treat.

Music photography Richard Ashcroft Liverpool
Richard Ashcroft Liverpool live

Richard Ashcroft Live: Photography Story

Richard Ashcroft’s live concert photography Liverpool live M&S bank arena 2021:

The performance commemorated and promoted the release of Richard Ashcroft Acoustic Hymns Vol.1. I photographed the first three songs exclusively before joining my friends in the audience.

After the week I’d had (my brother was in intensive care with Covid at the Royal Liverpool Hospital) and the last 18 months that we’d all had!

It was incredible to spend the night with 7000 strangers in a live setting.

The audience, their life experiences, their pain, their love, everything they bring, and to sing those Verve and Richard Ashcroft songs together.

But, more importantly, it was an honour to share the occasion with my good friend John Simpson.

John and his wife Karen drove down from the North East to see the show. John has been battling throat cancer and is currently recovering from treatment.

John and I met at Edge Hill University 20 years ago. To be honest, I didn’t like him at first because he possessed a swagger that I admired.

However, because we had unrelated surnames, we were frequently grouped together in class.

There was a friendship formed. We lived together, partied together, ducked and dived together, and went to see The Verve at Haigh Hall.

Our relationship has evolved into something much more meaningful over the years. Friend by name, brother by nature.

Richard Ashcroft live in Liverpool

“The beautiful thing about music is, even though we feel like every single issue is dividing us; when you go and see a band, it’s not even like the football, because you’ve got the away fans, the home fans, you’ve got tribalism.”

“When you go and see a musician, a band, an artist that you love, you leave everything at the door, and that’s what we’ve got to keep the focus on.”

“You leave all your stuff at the door. Who cares what someone thinks politically, sports, football team, or tribalism? You don’t care. Leave it at the door and bring in your emotion. Music is power.”

– Richard Ashcroft 29.10.21 Liverpool M&S bank arena.

Photos of Richard Ashcroft Liverpool live

Richard Ashcroft is The two-time Ivor Novello winner (Songwriter of the Year in 1998 and Outstanding Contribution to British Music in 2019.)

Has released five Top 5 solo albums, including the #1 debut ‘Alone With Everybody’ and his most recent album, 2018’s ‘Natural Rebel’.

Richard Ascroft, first came to attention with The Verve, with who he released one of the biggest albums of the era in the shape of ‘Urban Hymns’ as well as a succession of anthems which remain staples of his live set today.

The mighty Richard Ashcroft latest album is Acoustic Hymns Vol.1. which went straight in at no2 in the official charts only to be piped to the top spot by Ed Sheeran.

Music is power.

More photos of Richard Ashcroft live Manchester. by Wes Simpson.

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