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Chatting about photography, mindset and motivation.

 The Photography Marketing Podcast

Where focus goes, energy flows! Wes Simpson interview by Donal Doherty.

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Photography Marketing Podcast. In this exclusive episode, titled “Where focus goes, energy flows.” I talk about photography and marketing and share my insights on positivity, mindset and motivational techniques.

Grab your headphones and give it a listen… especially if you need a little creative fuel for your commute, walk, gym time, creating time, or just because you need it time.

During the interview, we discuss motivational techniques, the importance of having an attitude of gratitude and how a positive mindset can fuel a successful business and help you live a life of purpose.

We also explore my photographic journey from working as a BBC camera operator to working with rock group U2, being a celebrity assistant to becoming a documentary wedding photographer.

During The Photography Marketing Podcast interview, I share my morning routine, which is a daily practice that enables me to be primed for the day and maximise my productivity. We round things off with some top marketing tips for building a professional wedding photography brand.

It’s a great little interview, I hope you like it.

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The Photography Marketing Podcast

Here are just some of the takeaways from this episode.

– Set-up email signatures to save time

– The language you use to talk to yourself is important

– The burning sensation to be creative

– Profiling your ideal customer

– Your about page should be about your customer

– Goals

– The 5mm rule

– You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step

– Priming and setting your day up for success with rituals

– Exercise and cold showers

– Make sure to have fun!


Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and most other platforms.


The photography marketing podcast, where focus goes, energy flows. Wes Simpson


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Wim Hof – Cold Water Showers.


Check out my interview with The Photography Marketing Podcast now:

on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify


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