Paul Weller live by Celebrity music photographer Wes Simpson


A personal story about photographing Paul Weller.

Photographing Paul Weller – Live and behind the scenes.

A personal story about photographing one of my music idols Paul Weller. With live concert photography and behind the scenes from Weller’s Dellemere Forrest concert in Cheshire.


Vision Boards and Paul Weller by Celebrity photographer Wes Simpson


One of my favourite records is the Paul Weller Stanley Road album. And not only am I a fan of Paul Weller’s music, but I’ve always appreciated his album artwork and the creative simplicity of his music videos.

As a teenager, I had the iconic Stanley Road “Pop Art” album cover by Peter Blake printed full length on my bedroom wall! And Paul Weller’s Lomo-photography style music video’s for You Do Something To Me and Broken Stones inspired some of my A-level and B.A Hons Art and Design projects.

So, as you can imagine, it was a huge privilege for me to meet and photograph the music legend “the mod father” himself Mr Paul Weller.

My story of photographing Paul Weller starts with my friendship with Paul’s wife Hannah. I met Hannah in New York around the same time she and Paul first got together. Fast forward a few years later and Hannah calls to say Paul is performing at Dellemere Forrest, and would I like to meet up… oh, and bring your camera!

I met Paul, Hannah and members of the band including Steve Cradock of  “Ocean colour scene” who is a key member of the Paul Weller band in Liverpool. They were staying in the city in the leadup to the Delamere Forest concert in Cheshire.

What a career Paul Weller has had, from The Jam, The Style Council to an impressive solo career. His discography continues to inspire and evolve.

Some of my favourite Paul Weller albums include; Wild Wood, Heavey Sole, Studio 150, together with modern classics such as Saturns Pattern, Wake Up The Nation and A Kind Revolution.

On the day of the concert, it was humbling to witness that even idols have idols. Paul Weller stopped off at Aunt Mimi’s house, the childhood home of John Lennon in Liverpool for an impromptu photo and a little sightseeing.

Here are a few images from my Paul Weller photography at Delemere Forrest, including live performance and behind the scenes photography…


Paul Weller at John Lennons house

On Sunset.

Updated 03/07/2020

Paul Weller has a new album ON SUNSET is out today. I’ve just had my first listen. The title track is a reflective one with a line that says ‘no long goodbyes, I’ve no point to prove.’

I assume the track is about the party and music scene on the LA sunset strip in its hay day and him playing his part amongst that scene. 

You can’t question Weller’s outstanding contribution to the British music scene and with no point to prove; his passions and commitment to the craft are envious.

I wonder what pushes him to still make music? I bet it has something to do with growth? Contribution? Do you agree?

On Sunset available on all streaming services.

A Town Called Cheshire.

The Delemare Forrest concert was fantast and meeting Paul didn’t disappoint. Click the below video to see my exclusive side of the stage footage of Paul Weller performing The Jam classic ‘Town Called Malice.”



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