North Wales micro wedding photos at Church of St Melyd Meliden, Prestatyn.

North Wales Micro Wedding Photography

21 photos from Cara & Ashley’s Intimate Winter Wedding.

Micro Wedding at Christmas.

Experience the magic of Cara and Ashley’s informal North Wales Micro Wedding at Christmas—30 beautiful photos set against the backdrop of the Church of St Melyd-Meliden, Prestatyn.

The couple had originally booked me to photograph their summer wedding via a recommendation from Brogan and Matthew whose wedding I’d photographed at the Kinmel Hotel in Abergele, but their plans changed. And I’m glad they had me along to celebrate their North Wales micro wedding at Christmas instead. 

Here is their story. 

Thank you so much for the gallery. We loved the pictures.

Wes, we are so pleased with the pictures, we made a night of it and cast them all to the TV so the kids could look at them too. They have loved looking through them. I just wanted to say on behalf of myself and Ash, thank you so much again for accommodating our new date and getting everything you could out of us on the day. You were brilliant and made it fun too! 

North Wales Micro Wedding at Christmas

I had the pleasure of capturing the beautiful North Wales micro wedding of Cara and Ashley, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Church of St Melyd-Meliden in Prestatyn. This delightful Christmas-themed celebration unfolded just after Boxing Day and before the New Year, creating a unique and heartwarming atmosphere.

Originally scheduled as a summer wedding, this event left me contemplating whether to categorize it as the final wedding of the year or the first one of the new year. The transition of seasons seemed symbolic, echoing the couple’s journey.

This intimate micro wedding was a gathering of close-knit family and friends, creating a warm and personal ambience at St Melyd-Meliden church in Prestatyn. Adding an extra layer of charm, the couple chose to include their children as the adorable pageboy and flower girl, infusing the ceremony with a profound sense of family love.

Cara, escorted by her father, gracefully walked down the aisle to meet Ashley, who anxiously awaited her arrival. The groom, impeccably dressed in a matching tuxedo alongside his best man, exuded a palpable blend of excitement and nervous anticipation.


“Wes was everything we wanted in a photographer. The wedding was small, but the memories are huge.”

Wedding Suppliers

Cara and her daughter Lottie wore dresses sourced from “A Bridal Story” in Prescot, a lovely business managed by Jo. Cara sought a simple, elegant, and timeless dress, and felt her choice spoke exactly that.

Makeup was skillfully done by Jessica Waring, a friend who also operates under the name Bridal Glam UK. Simone Espley, a longtime friend, styled her hair at ‘Pin Ups’ in Rhyl.

Ashley’s suit was purchased online from Dobell, while their son Caius’s suit came from Zara.

Cara was delighted with the outcome of the wedding, despite the rain; the pictures turned out perfect!

About Micro Weddings

Micro weddings offer a distinctive experience, allowing for a more profound connection among attendees. The close-knit nature of Cara and Ashley’s celebration provided an intimate setting that truly emphasized the significance of their union.

As their North Wales wedding photographer, it was a privilege to capture these precious moments and contribute to the lasting memories of such a meaningful day. The couple may have had a change of date, but I’m happy they never changed their photographer!

Whether I decide that this North Wales wedding was the concluding chapter of one year or the prologue to the next, Cara and Ashley’s micro wedding stands as a testament to the joy found in the simplicity and intimacy of such celebrations.

“Micro weddings offer a canvas of intimacy and authenticity, where every photograph becomes a timeless snap-shot of love in its purest form.”

Micro Wedding Photographer

I hope you enjoyed Cara and Ashley’s North Wales Micro wedding at Christmas as much as I enjoyed photographing their day.

If you are reading this and about to embark on your journey of wedding planning or seek the perfect photographer to capture your special day in North Wales or further afield, remember that the beauty lies not just in the grandeur of the occasion, but in the intimate moments shared with those closest to you.

Explore my website for more inspiration, guidance, and insights tailored to crafting unforgettable micro weddings and grand celebrations in the breathtaking landscapes of North Wales and beyond.

From venue suggestions to photography tips, I’m here to help you create memories that will last a lifetime. Connect me today and let’s turn your dream wedding into a cherished reality. Visit popular pages on the site, such as blog and portfolio for inspiration and let the magic begin!

Wes x

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The Location

Church of St Melyd-Meliden, Prestatyn. North Wales.

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