Luxury Villa Wedding In Sorrento photography. Brdie and groom outside balcony at Villa Antiche Mura by UK destination wedding photographer Wes Simpson.

Luxury Villa Wedding In Sorrento

Amy & Edd’s Sorrento Wedding. Villa Antiche Mura, Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Sorrento Wedding Photography

As a leading UK-based destination wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing Amy and Edd’s luxury villa wedding in Sorrento, Italy. This cool and trendy couple from Buckley, North Wales, chose me to photograph their destination wedding at Villa Antiche Mura on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. 

Join me as I share their journey and how I helped them overcome challenges to create timeless memories of their luxury villa wedding in Sorrento.

Wes was the perfect Sorrento Wedding Photographer for us.

Amy and Edd hired me to photograph their destination wedding in Italy because they wanted natural-looking photos and to capture the essence of their luxury villa wedding in Sorrento. They knew me from previously photographing Cassie and Adam’s wedding in Tuscany – and I came highly recommended.

Here’s how I helped overcome their challenges to make their dream wedding a reality:

Finding a reliable photographer (One you connect with) in a foreign country can be challenging, especially when planning a destination wedding in Italy. Hiring a UK-based photographer familiar with destination weddings ensures peace of mind and consistent communication on home soil throughout the planning process, which can prove very valuable.

Destination Planning: Planning a destination wedding can be daunting, especially in an unfamiliar location like Sorrento. Amy and Edd needed a photographer with experience in destination weddings who could navigate the logistical challenges seamlessly. With my background in capturing weddings worldwide, I was able to provide the guidance they needed for a stress-free experience.

Weather Contingency: Weather uncertainty is a common concern for outdoor weddings, particularly in coastal regions like Sorrento. Amy and Edd wanted assurance that their wedding would proceed smoothly regardless of the weather. I worked closely with them to develop a comprehensive contingency plan, ensuring that alternative arrangements were in place for both indoor and outdoor settings, thus alleviating their worries.

Personalised Photography: Amy and Edd desired authentic and emotive photography that reflected their unique love story and the beauty of their surroundings. They sought a photographer who could capture candid moments with ease, without resorting to staged poses. Through experience and a keen eye for detail, I ensured that every photograph captured the essence of their special day, resulting in timeless memories they would cherish forever.

Here is the story from their luxury villa wedding in Sorrento…

Front entrance to Villa Antiche Mura Sorrento wedding photographer
Bride and groom walking under lemon during wedding at Villa Antiche Mura. Luxury villa wedding in Sorrento
Bride and groom watching sunset at Villa Antiche Mura. Luxury villa wedding in Sorrento

Amy and Edd’s Luxury Villa Wedding in Sorrento

Hi, we are Amy Price, from Buckley in North Wales, a ward-based pharmacy technician working at the Countess of Chester hospital and Edd Wilson, also from Buckley, a maintenance engineer for a packaging company called Ardagh in Deeside. This is our luxury villa wedding in Sorrento story.

Officially, we’ve been together together for 13 years. We knew of each other in school, I was in the year above Edd. We got to know each other and became friends in the summer of 2010, and from then on I was hounded on MSN messenger by Edd. I went to watch him play in multiple rugby matches before I would agree to go out with him! 

the proposal

It was at home on Christmas Day morning in 2020, just the two of us and our border collie Nen. A complete surprise! The loveliest morning, a very nervous Edd – we’d been wide awake since 4 am with a brew in bed as he told me he ‘just couldn’t sleep’… I was none the wiser!

He had told my parents (Ann & Ian.) My Mum helped him wrap the ring up in multiple boxes, so there was a big box for me to unwrap first, then a smaller one inside, until I opened the ring box. He got down on one knee (very teary eyes) and popped the question.

Soon after, we started planning our dream of a luxury villa wedding in Sorrento, Italy.

Luxury Villa Wedding In Sorrento Details

Our luxury villa wedding in Sorrento was incredible. I can honestly say we both loved every minute of it. If we could do it all over again, we would! We wanted it to be something special and unique but nothing over the top or too fancy. 

We stayed at Hotel Conca Park in Sorrento town and our luxury villa wedding in Sorrento was held at Villa Antiche Mura. Both venues were incredible. 

The venue speaks for itself without even being dressed; the place is something else. Our décor and theme were minimalistic, with a twist of modern elegance to compliment the surroundings. 

My Mum and I made the flower bouquets and buttonholes, along with the table numbers, menus, name place cards, table plan and welcome sign – all were wrapped and packed into suitcases in the UK and went to Italy with us. 

We wanted something small and intimate whilst enjoying the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. A luxury villa wedding in Sorrento was the ideal setting. The food at Villa Antiche Mura was incredible, so many of our guests complimented it. We chose to have an incredible saxophone player, everyone loved him! 

The cake tasted insane – of course, being in Sorrento, it just had to be lemon-flavoured. However, the top tier almost ended up on the floor whilst we were attempting the first cut of the cake.

Why a destination wedding in Italy?

Before we got engaged we had talked about getting married abroad and how amazing it would be to do that. When it came to actually planning the wedding, we both said that we wanted something more relaxed/chilled and less formal than the process of most UK weddings. 

We wanted our wedding day to be enjoyable for ourselves as much as everyone else, and for the day to be spent with those we are closest to, without feeling the pressure of inviting everybody we know.

Conveniently positioned 3 minutes drive from the Sorrento city centre, with stunning sea views, Villa Antiche Mura was the perfect setting for a luxury villa wedding in Sorrento. The venue ticked all the boxes and the team where amazing.

Why Sorrento?

Since I was little (Amy), I have always loved being by the sea/on the coast. I fell in love with Italy when we visited for the first time when we went to Rome in 2019. 

Once we were engaged and had started looking at venues in Italy, I knew that Villa Antiche Mura was the one after seeing the stunning views overlooking the Sorrento coast, the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius. Truly some of the most beautiful scenery! 

Visiting Sorrento and the venue Villa Antiche Mura in March 2022 confirmed to us that it was an idyllic location for the wedding that I had dreamed of. We didn’t want a big wedding – What was important to us was having the majority of our closest family and friends there to celebrate our special day. 

Having a luxury villa wedding in Sorrento gave us complete control over our day. With having only one venue, we could relax and not worry about transportation between venues during the wedding ceremony.

Villa Antiche Mura Sorrento Wedding Details

We had a late spring/early summer wedding in Italy at Villa Antiche Mura. Our luxury villa wedding in Sorrento was complete with:

A total of 53 guests traveled from the UK which was made up of our family and friends. There was our best man, Josh, and then two ushers Harry and Jordan. We had our maid of honour Holly, and bridesmaids / best friends Betty, Alex and Nic. 

Suits (groom, father of the bride, best man, ushers, father & step-father of the groom) – Hugo Boss from Moss Bros.

Bride dress – designer: Justin Alexander from Brides Of ChesterThe bride’s veil – was Amy’s mum’s veil from her wedding 34 years ago (27/05/89)!!

Bridesmaid dresses – Pretty Lavish. Mother of the bride dress – designer: John Charles by Sean Rayment. Bouquets and buttonholes – all made at home by the amazing mother of the bride, Ann! Hair – Amy Evans @ No Loose Ends by Amy

Dressing for a late spring/early summer wedding in Italy

At first, dressing for a late spring/early summer luxury villa wedding in Sorrento seemed like a daunting task, but it all came together with ease once we started the planning process. 

I loved my dress as it was exactly what I had envisaged before I had even found ‘the one’. I always wanted something plain and elegant with a classic timeless look. The crepe material was perfect for the weather in Italy as it wasn’t too heavy or hot. I had buttons added onto the back of the dress just for that little bit of detail to cover the zip. 

I was also made up that I was able to wear my mum’s veil on my wedding day – priceless. It complimented my dress perfectly with the subtle detail of small pearls and sequins which caught the light.

My shoes lasted for the majority of the day, up until just after the first dance, and then the flip-flops and slippers were out!

Edd chose his suit specifically as he wanted something smart and timeless himself, but also not too thick or heavy due to the weather and temperature in Italy. His suit was Hugo Boss and he had his shirt custom made to fit from Charles Tyrwhitt, and the ties were a great colour match to the bridesmaid dresses. 

All the outfits were perfect for a luxury villa wedding in Sorrento, Italy.

Wedding day at Villa Antiche Mura…

IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER. I wish we could do it all over again. Edd was so excited and nervous that he forgot to take his things to get ready!! 

We started with bridal preparations at Hotel Conca Park on the wedding morning with my Mum, maid of honour and bridesmaids, which was such a lovely and fun time, even if it did seem a little chaotic! 

We put the music on and popped a few bottles open. The reveal with my Dad and bridesmaids will be a moment I will never forget. It was so special. 

As we travelled to our luxury villa wedding in Sorrento, the weather wasn’t great. We were greeted by a torrential thunderstorm as Dad and I headed to the venue in the car. 

We were however so incredibly lucky that the storm passed over and by the time the ceremony was due to start, we got the go-ahead to remain with our outdoor plans and the weather stayed dry for the ceremony and photos afterwards! 

Throughout the day we had a mixture of rain, thunder, lightning and sunshine, followed by a beautiful sunset later that evening. They say in Italy that it’s good luck for a bride there to have rain on her wedding day! 

The food was incredible and had so many compliments. The speeches were fantastic – lots of laughter and also a few happy tears. 

I remember a particular moment when Edd and I took a few minutes together just the two of us. We stood admiring the view of our luxury villa wedding in Sorrento, overlooking the sea with the saxophone playing in the background. I felt so incredibly humble and lucky. 

As the night went on I can only remember having the best time having so much fun dancing away with friends and family, I didn’t sit down once! My dress told that story the following morning…

Stand out moments

Coming down the stairs at Villa Antiche Mura onto the terrace for the start of the ceremony at our luxury villa wedding in Sorrento was a dream come true. A moment I will never forget. 

Tips for planning a wedding in Italy

Always ensure your venue has a plan B for different weather situations.

One word to describe the wedding…

Our luxury villa wedding in Sorrento was – Incredible!

Sorrento Wedding Photography Review 

Wow – Our Sorrento wedding photographs have blown away. I’ve seen some beautiful photography before, but Wes, you are on another level. The moments you have captured are priceless and just so perfect. They are exactly what we wanted, and we can’t thank you enough for capturing our luxury villa wedding in Sorrento so amazingly. 

The in-between moments that aren’t staged or fake are what make the best photographs, and I can’t wait to have them in frames and hung on the walls in our home. Your work is astonishing, and you are a great guy too. It was a pleasure to have spent our destination wedding with you. We have had so many lovely comments back from friends and family.

Thank you, Wes! 

Amy & Edd.

Destination Wedding Photographer Sorrento

I hope you enjoyed Amy and Edd’s luxury villa wedding in Sorrento as much as I loved photographing their day. Amy and Edd’s luxury villa wedding in Sorrento at Villa Antiche Mura was a testament to their love, adventure, and the joy of celebrating amidst the stunning landscapes of the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

It was an honour to be their Sorrento Wedding Photographer. To be a part of their journey and capture timeless moments to cherish for a lifetime. Thank you to Amy, Edd and your family and guests for making me feel so welcome.

Thank you to Michele Savarese – (the best-looking man you will ever meet) the owner of Villa Antiche Mura for the wonderful food, the warm welcome and the freedom to capture the wedding without restriction.

If you are planning a destination wedding in Sorrento, Italy or elsewhere and want your day captured in a natural-looking but professional way by a leading UK-based destination wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you. My passport is ready! 

Wes x

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