Knowsley Hall Spring Wedding Photography

Louise and Adam’s spring wedding at Knowsley Hall.

Capturing A Spring Wedding At Knowsley Hall, Merseyside.

As a wedding photographer, every story I get to photograph is unique, filled with the distinct essence of the couple’s love and journey. Louise and Adam’s Knowsley Hall spring wedding is one such tale that resonates deeply with me. Let me take you through their beautiful day, as seen through the lens of my camera.

Wes is a photographer with artistic flare who doesn’t stick to cliches but thinks outside the box.

Bride and groom kissing uner an umberella at Knowsely Hall fromt door
Bride and groom walking away on the grounds of Knowsley Hall
Bride amd groom walking outside at Knowsley Hall

A Magical Spring Wedding At Knowsley Hall

Hi, we’re Louise and Adam, and we are thrilled to share our Knowsley Hall spring wedding photography story with you.

We got married at St Peter’s church in Formby followed by a spring wedding reception at Knowsley Hall, Merseyside. Our journey began in the vibrant city of Liverpool, where our paths crossed at a friend’s masquerade birthday bash. Little did we know that night would mark the beginning of our forever.

Adam’s proposal was a blend of suspense and spontaneity. With each passing month in 2018, he teased, “It’s going to be this year.” Then came New Year’s Eve, a seemingly ordinary evening until Adam’s last-minute theatrics.

Just seconds before midnight, amidst whispers of anticipation, he dropped to one knee, fulfilling his last-minute promise in the most Adam-esque fashion.” Will you marry me” he said. And of course, I said “Yes.”

And that’s it, we quickly started planning our Knowsley Hall spring wedding…

A Knowsley Hall Spring Wedding Story

Our wedding day unfolded at St. Peter’s church in Formby, followed by a breathtaking spring wedding reception at Knowsley Hall, Merseyside. Choosing Knowsley Hall felt instinctual; its grandeur and charm captured our hearts when we set foot on its grounds.

April seemed fitting for our celebration—a season of blossoming beginnings and gentle warmth. With a guest list of 61, including our cherished families from Cornwall, Liverpool, and Yorkshire, we embarked on our journey of love amidst the tranquil embrace of spring.

Details and Delights

Our wedding style was an ode to simplicity and elegance. Masquerade masks, reminiscent of our fateful encounter, adorned subtle corners, including our wedding cake. We opted for three bridesmaids, three ushers, and an intimate gathering to bask in the splendour of Knowsley Hall’s opulence.

From my stunning gown from The Knutsford Wedding Gallery to my second dress, a last-minute creation by the talented Miriam at Eliza May Atelier, every detail spoke volumes of our journey and personal style.

Gratitude and Reflection

To our incredible vendors, including Jason at Knowsley Hall, Leah Smith Hair, Gloria, Jessica, Sarah, Suzanne, Gordon at St. Peter’s Formby, Neil at Barringtons Wedding Cars, and many others, our deepest thanks for making our day seamless and magical.

And to Wes, our remarkable photographer, your artistic vision and attention to detail captured the essence of our love story in every frame. Your ability to blend editorial style with authenticity made our photos timeless treasures.

Encouragement for Future Couples

To couples embarking on their wedding planning journey, remember to cherish the moments and embrace the imperfections. Trust your instincts, surround yourselves with talented professionals who understand your vision, and most importantly, savour every moment of your special day.

Knowsley Hall Wedding Photographer Review

We want to say a massive thank you to Wes. We picked him to be our Knowsley Hall wedding photographer because neither of us felt comfortable in front of a camera, but we still wanted our pictures to look stylish and editorial but in a more natural way rather than loads of posing.

We made a great choice, Wes has a brilliant eye for detail and as I’m someone who used to work in graphic design, I wanted a photographer with artistic flare who doesn’t stick to cliches but thinks outside the box.

The wedding album he designed was a masterpiece. The quality is like nothing I’ve seen and the attention to detail and visual storytelling is perfection.

With love, Louise x

In Conclusion

Louise and Adam’s Knowsley Hall spring wedding was a testament to love, laughter, and the beauty of new beginnings. As you plan your journey, consider entrusting your precious moments to someone who not only captures images but preserves memories.

I invite you to connect with me for your future Knowsley Hall spring weddings, where we’ll weave photographic tales of love and joy, just like Louise and Adam’s.

Wes x

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