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50 natural photos from Lititia & Stuart Lake District wedding.

Summer Wedding in The Lakes

What do you do when you can’t find the perfect wedding venue, build one! Well, that’s what Letitia and Stuart did for their Keswick wedding.

I adore the Lake District, it holds a special place in my heart, so I was delighted when I got the call to be Leitita and Stuarts Keswick wedding photographer.

Wes was the perfect photographer for us.

Love, laughter, and the breathtaking landscapes of the Lake District, set the stage for a truly magical celebration as Letitia and Stuart exchanged vows in a heartwarming union.

Nestled within the charming Herwick Croft Holiday Park, their home became the canvas for a unique wedding story that unfolded against rolling hills and serene waters. The timeless beauty of St. Beger’s Church in Bassenthwaite witnessed the solemn vows that bound their hearts forever.

To add a touch of adventure to their Keswick wedding, the couple, along with their wedding party, embarked on a delightful boat trip around the enchanting Bassenthwaite Lake, creating memories as picturesque as the stunning landscapes that surrounded them.

Join us as we dive into the photographic tale of Letitia and Stuart’s wedding, a celebration that seamlessly blended the intimacy of home, the sanctity of a church, and the natural wonders of Keswick, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and mine.

Here is their story…

Letitia & Stuart’s Keswick Wedding Story

The Proposal

Hi, we are Letitia and Stuart from Kewick. How did we meet? Well, It was a chance meeting that should never have happened (it was meant to be.)

Stuart proposed at his special place on the side of Bassenthwaite Lake in Keswick on a pad his grandfather put down and where he had spent many years playing and pondering as a child. It was personal and romantic. 

Lake District, Keswick Wedding

From a chance meeting that felt destined to be, to a proposal at a special lakeside spot laden with family history, our wedding journey unfolded with an undeniable sense of meant-to-be.

Stuart and I focused on the heart of our union, steering clear of the wedding-planning stress and embracing what truly mattered to us as a couple. Our love story found its stage at our home – Herwick Caravan Park in Keswick, Lake District.

Herdwick Willy’s bar and bistro, a place we had recently built together, would become the perfect setting for our wedding reception, reflecting the authenticity we sought in every detail.

St Begers Church Bassenthwaite

Amid Keswick’s enchanting landscapes, St. Beger’s Church in Bassenthwaite became the sacred backdrop to our vows. Our theme? Simply put, it was ‘us’—casual and informal, mirroring the essence of our connection.

I wore a stunning Pronovias dress from Fell Side Bride Kendal, while Stuart, unable to choose just one suit, opted for two bespoke creations from Edit Suits in Manchester. Our bridesmaids donned beautiful gowns in a champagne hue from Oh Polly.

Amidst the myriad of moments captured by our incredible photographer, Wes Simpson, one stands out—the black and white candid image of Stuart and I walking behind the church. Our genuine happiness radiates from the photo, a testament to Wes’s talent and to the joy we felt on our special day.

The Fun of the Lakes

We wanted the wedding to be fun and a true reflection of us as a couple. Guests included a good mix of family and friends. Some were from the Lake District and others had travelled from further away a failed to spend the day with us.

For our Keswick wedding, we put on some unique transportation for the guests, this included a tractor and tailor and two vintage busses from Cumbria Classic coaches. The church is off the beaten track, so it not only made sense but made for a good story!

Keswick Wedding Entertainment

Following the ceremony, we wanted to celebrate our wedding and embrace the joy of the Lakes. So hired a boat and took all of our guests on a surprise boat trip around Bassenthwaite Lake. There was beer, food and live entertainment from John Penn – singer and guitar.

We planned a 1 pm wedding ceremony, it was the perfect time. The day flowed effortlessly. Everyone loved the boat ride, especially guests who had travelled to the Lakes to spend the day with us. It made for the perfect backdrop for some fun, unposed pictures too.


Wes was exactly what we were looking for in a Wedding Photographer. Casual & Professional.

Herdwick Wedding Reception

Back at Herdwick Willys, the entertainment continued for the wedding reception with live music from a Sax player and singer Jenn Penn turning DJ. Welcome drinks, casual seating, a delightful hog roast, and late-night graze boards added casual warmth to our Keswick wedding celebration.

To couples embarking on their journey, our advice is simple: let this day be a reflection of you both. Our wedding, filled with meaningful and enjoyable elements, is a memory we cherish without regrets.

Each part of our wedding day felt incredibly special, and for me, a surprise fireworks display of our song ‘This is Real’ left me in awe, despite my initial reservations.

It was a day that flowed with our energy, perfectly captured by Wes, who seamlessly blended into our wedding party. His ability to capture natural moments without imposing artificiality aligned perfectly with our vision, making our wedding album a genuine reflection of our love and joy.

Keswick Wedding Photographer

Wes Simpson was the perfect photographer for us. We wanted someone who went with our flow and with the vibe of our Keswick wedding which was casual.

As a photographer, Wes specialises in natural moments, but that being said, we took his advice and made time for pictures for ourselves. It was incredible as he instinctively went with our energy. And in no way was pushy for us to do things we were not comfortable with.

As a bride searching for a wedding photographer, you fear that you’re going to end up with forced smiles rather than real ones. This was not the case with Wes. Every smile he captured is a true reflection of our happiness.

He blended into our wedding party perfectly and hopefully enjoyed himself too.

Here’s to Wes and the magic of a day that he captured, which will forever be ‘us’.

Letitia and Stuart x

Keswick Wedding Photography

I hope you enjoyed Lititia and Stuart’s Keswick wedding story as much as I enjoyed photographing their day.

As I reflect on the joyous celebration of this wedding in the Lake District, the picturesque landscapes and genuine moments captured paint a timeless love story. If you’ve been inspired by their journey and are seeking a Lake District wedding photographer to capture your story, explore more on my site and gallery.

Every wedding story is a masterpiece waiting to be told, and I would be honored to be part of yours. Feel free to get in touch, and let’s create magical memories together. Your love, your story, beautifully captured

3 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Lake District Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer is a crucial decision that can greatly impact how your special day is remembered. Here are three top tips to guide you in selecting the perfect Lake District wedding photographer.

  1. Expertise Matters: Opt for a photographer who understands the unique beauty and challenges of the Lake District. Locations, lighting nuances, and can adapt swiftly to the unpredictable weather. Their knowledge ensures your photos showcase the true magic of the Lake District backdrop.
  2. Review Their Portfolio: Dive into the photographer’s portfolio to get a sense of their style and versatility. Look for a cohesive and diverse collection of wedding stories. Pay attention to their ability to capture candid moments, as well as their proficiency in staged shots. Your chosen photographer should align with your vision and bring your love story to life.
  3. Communication and Connection: A successful collaboration with your wedding photographer is built on effective communication and a genuine connection. Schedule an initial meeting to discuss your ideas, preferences, and expectations. A photographer who understands your unique story and shares your vision will not only document your day but enhance it.

By keeping these three tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to selecting a Lake District wedding photographer who can transform your special day into a beautifully captured, timeless masterpiece.

If theres anything else, drop me a message.

Keswick Wedding VENDORS

Herdwick Willy Bistro Herdwick Croft caravan Park Lake District

Herdwick Croft Caranvan Park

Lake District National Park, Bassenthwaite, Keswick. CA12 4RD

  • Photographer: Wes Simpson
  • Venue: Herdwick Croft Holiday Park
  • Dress: Pronovias dress from Fell Side Bride Kendal
  • Suit: Bespoke – Edit Suits in Manchester.
  • St Begers Church Bassenthwaite
  • Entertainment: Micheal Jackson Sax & John Penn Singer/DJ
  • Transportation: Cumbria Classic Coaches

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