Inspiration and motivational videos.

On my home page, I describe flaws and idiosyncrasies as a beautiful thing. This scene from the movie Good Will Hunting (one of my favourite films) says it better than I could.

As always, I hope to inspire, motivate and spread a little joy. More importantly, I hope this clip will inspire you to be yourself. Your true authentic self. Because by opening your mind and your heart you’re going to be a little more compassionate and compassion is what makes the world a better place.

Also, did you know that this scene was entirely improvised? You can see a slight camera shake during the scene because the cameraman was caught off guard and is laughing with actors Robin Williams and Matt Damon during the take.

Inspiration and motivational videos

A selection of inspiration and motivational videos. I plan to add other inspirational and motivational videos to this page as I find them.

Here are just a few to kick things off.

Feel free to save the page for future reference.

Coach Jim Valvano’s motivational speech.

Arnold Schwarzenegger motivation