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Wedding Photography Style & Philosophy

Hi! I’m Wes Simpson, a ‘creative documentary’ / destination wedding photographer from Liverpool. Thank you for visiting my signature images page – a collection of images that showcases my wedding photography style and philosophy to capturing images that really matter.


Wedding Photography Style

I’ve been photographing weddings all over the world for more than 10 years. During this time, I have been lucky enough to witness genuine moments of human interaction, love and emotion. I have experienced religions ceremonies, celebrity assignments, and glamorous and informal wedding celebrations.

This valuable experience has not only helped shape my view of the word. It influences my wedding photography style and the way I approach weddings.

I was origionally trained by the BBC as a camera-man so you can trust that I know a thing or two about lighting, composition and you’re safe in the knowledge that I also know how to make you look taller or smaller and how we can loose that double chin if needs be. But if I’m honest! I’d take a photo of ‘a genuine moment’ over a posed stiff picture any day. For me, authentic wedding photography is all about the moments in-between the moments, because that’s where the magic happens and where the real and authentic stories are.

An emotional father proudly fighting back the tears, friends busting moves on the dance floor, a loving glance from your new spouse as you say “I DO.” These are the moments I photograph for. They hold more value because the are real. They are unique and they will trigger memories for years to come.



“I believe wedding photographs should be timeless. Sentimental images to be proud of; therefore I don’t copy the latest trends as these can quickly date your wedding photos. You’ll never hear me say ‘cheese’ or suggest your guest stand around for hours in the shape of a human love heart.

 I am far more interested in capturing a genuine moment than trying to stage the perfect picture. Real moments, unique stories, true love. I want you to look back at wedding photography and proudly say “WOW! that was me, that was us! These are our loved ones and these are our crazy friends. This is how we got married and what our wedding FELT like.”


The following portfolio is a small selection of my favorite images that showcase this phylosophy…


Real moments, unique stories, true love

The above picture is taken from the beautiful wedding of Opera star Russell Watson to his wife Louise. A destination wedding in Benahavis, Spain, which featured in the celebrity magazine HELLO! – We had just finished a series of ‘posed/formal’ shots which was required for HELLO! and I was putting by camera away (ready to move to the next location for the wedding breakfast) when I turned and seen this beautiful tender moment where Russell had totally let his guard down. A total contrast to the previous set of images we had just taken. Louise, the bride later stated “Wes – this is exactly why we booked you, for the real moments!”


A tender tear of joy rolling down brides cheek at a celebrity wedding in Marbella, Spain.

Sometimes feelings sneak out of peoples eyes and roll down their cheeks


A Father tenderly wipes a tear from daughters face after ‘first look’ on wedding day
Bride wiping tears during speeches
Father of Bride over come with emotion. Laura Ashley Hotel, Lake District
A beautiful single tear on Brides cheek

Bride holding back the tears on wedding day

“I feel blessed to have witnessed love in a variety of cultures and religions…”

Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony showing crowns at Saint Lazarus Church Cyprus
Greek Orthodox Wedding. The Church of Saint Lazarus, Larnaca, Cyprus
‘You may kiss the Bride’ Catholic ceremony, Liverpool

I love to capture love and emotion, but belly laughs rule!

A touch of fine-art thrown in for good measure!

I believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and that love is the ultimate emotion. With this in mind, and if the opportunity arrises, I love to get creative with my Brides and Grooms and to take advantage of the fantastic wedding venues and locations I get to visit. Directing, not posing is the key – for some personality lead portraits that my couples call “WORKS OF ART” and proudly hand on their walls.


The weather isn’t as important as the stories

Bride arriving in the rain for Lancashire wedding Skelmersdale

A touch of magic…

Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though at times, it may seem like the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.


Real moments, unique stories, true love.













“The best song writers in the world write songs that we can relate to, they not only move and inspire us, but they have the power to transport you back to a time, place and a feeling. This is my goal with your wedding photography… I want to take pictures that makes you feel the way music does! Cherished images that will trigger memories and emotion for years to come” – Wes Simpson.BA Hons



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