Destination weddings offer an extra layer of excitement and adventure and what better way to incorporate this into your wedding than with a post-wedding photo-shoot.

After the wedding celebrations at Castello Di Bibbione in Tuscany, Cassie and Adam booked a post-wedding photo-shoot in Florence, Italy. The shoot combined street photography with documentary wedding photography giving Cassie and Adam a truly memorable collection of images to add to their wedding album.


Following their wedding at Castello Di Bibbione in Tuscany, Italy. Cassie and Adam took advantage of my excitement of being a Florence destination wedding photographer and added a post-wedding photography photo-shoot to their wedding collection.

Being a Destination Wedding Photographer from England and providing Wedding Photography in this part of Italy is an amazing adventure! The hustle and bustle of this iconic city together with the visual contrast of nearby pastel-coloured towns make it such a beautiful and exciting place to visit and photograph.

For the post-wedding photo shoot in Florence, we mixed street style photography with documentary wedding photography. Showcasing the iconic landscape and incorporating famous landmarks such as Duomo Cathedral and Michalgalo’s David meant family and friends back home could experience the excitement of their Italian wedding adventure.

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