Post wedding photography photo-shoot in Florence, Itay

Destination weddings always offer an extra layer of excitement and adventure and what better way to incorporate this feeling into your wedding than with a post-wedding photo-shoot.

After an amazing five-day wedding celebration at Castello di Bibbione in the Tuscany region of Italy, Cassie and Adam took full advantage of my enthusiasm of being a Florence destination wedding photographer and opted for a post-wedding photography photo-shoot in the heart of Florence, Italy. The day perfectly combined urban street style fashion photography with documentary wedding photography giving Cassie and Adam a truly memorable collection of images to add to their wedding album.


Following on from a wonderful 5 days of wedding celebrations at Castello di Bibbione in the Tuscany region of Italy, Cassie and Adam took full advantage of my excitement and the opportunity of being a Florence destination wedding photographer and added a post-wedding photography photo shoot to their wedding collection in nearby Florence.

Being a Destination Wedding Photographer from England and providing Wedding Photography in this part of Italy is an amazing adventure! The visual contrast of the rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany together with the hustle and bustle of iconic cities and the pastel coloured nearby towns make it such a beautiful and exciting place to visit and photograph.

Like with so many couples from the UK, Cassie and Adam were attracted by the incredible food, architecture, breathtaking scenery and the buzzing piazzas of nearby Florence when planning their destination wedding in Tuscany, Italy and I can easily see why. Following a rest day after their wedding, myself, Cassie and Adam made the 30-minute drive from Tuscany to Florence.


On arriving in Florence we took full advantage of the iconic landscape with some relaxed portraits showcasing the incredible views of iconic Florence landmarks such as Duomo Cathedral, Basilica and the bronze statue of Michalgalo David.

Cassie and Adam wanted to capture the reality of Florence in their documentary style wedding photos so everyone back home could experience the excitement of their Italian wedding adventure. They also wanted the images to be a true reflection of them as a couple, this provided the perfect recipe to mix street style photography with wedding photography which produced real, unique and authentic images which really complemented their destination wedding photography experience.


Are you planning on tying the knot abroad and want the security of having a destination wedding photographer capture the adventure of a lifetime? Then why not have one of the most sought after UK wedding photographers travel out to your destination.

For me, destination weddings are extra special, the added air of excitement of family and friends all being in an unfamiliar environment always adds to the sense of adventure and romance that makes a destination wedding so much fun.

Once the suntan fades and the holiday is over, all that is left from your destination wedding are your memories and your wedding photos. In many ways, I believe hiring a photographer you trust and whose style you like is even more important when planning a destination wedding than getting married at home. Family and friends have invested in travel and a holiday to see you tie the knot in unfamiliar surroundings and everyone back home will want to experience the excitement of your wedding through your photographs.

With this in mind, I make it as easy as possible for you to book me to photograph your destination wedding. I usually travel out to your destination wedding location a few days prior to the wedding day, this gives the opportunity for a pre-wedding planning meeting at the wedding venue. Most of my destination weddings are 3 days to week-long events, with this in mind, I offer pre-wedding photography which usually covers events like BBQ’s, meals and parties together with post-wedding photography photo-shoots which often includes ‘cherish the dress’, beach/boat parties and location photography.

If you’re looking for a Florence destination wedding photographer or planning a wedding somewhere else in the world and require a photographer to travel to your location and capture the magic of your wedding day, then I’m the guy for you Contact Me