Shooting your Idols! My amazing adventure that seen Paul Weller visiting Aunt Mimi’s house – the home of John Lennon.

For them that know me, know i’m a great believer in the law of attraction and they know I have a box in my house, it’s called my vision box. I simply place things in the box that I want to attract to my life or that i’d simply like to achieve. Last year I wrote that I wanted to do more celebrity work and I wanted to photograph someone of real interest. I wrote a few names on the small piece of paper (one of the names was music icon, the mod-father himself Mr Paul Weller) whom i’ve been a life long fan of, so much so even had the album cover of Paul Weller’s “Stanley Road” painted full lenghth on my bedroom wall at the age of 18/19.

Last week I not only got to photograph Paul Weller at his Delamere Forest concert but I got to hangout with him and Steve Cradock of Ocean Colour Scene too! I found myself back stage, on the tour bus and even with a drink in hand at the side of the stage sat with Paul’s wife and my good friend Hannah.

So on the morning of the concert it was amazing and humbling to note that even idols have idols – the below snaps are of Paul Weller visiting Aunt Mimi’s house (the childhood home of John Lennon in Liverpool) on the morning of his Delamere Forest 2014 gig in Cheshire.


I love the idea of this picture so much, not only does it humanise Paul Weller as a ‘fan’ but I’m guessing there will be a small boy or a teenager who’s not long picked up a guitar, standing on ‘Stanley Road’ getting his picture taken too.

Later that evening Paul Weller would have impressed his idol John Lennon when he rocked Delamere Forest in Cheshire…







View from the tour bus window.

Paul Weller bus party


Paul Weller set list for Delamere Forest.


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