Best Documentary-style Wedding Photographer 2022

Happy news! I am delighted to have received another photography award. Wes Simpson Weddings has been named:

Best Documentary-style Wedding Photographer 2022in the United Kingdom by SME UK Enterprise Awards.

Wedding photography is a collaboration. Trust between photographer and client is essential, especially when capturing intimate images.

Being named Best Documentary-style Wedding Photographer is as much a compliment to my couples, their family, friends and suppliers, as it is to myself…


Best documentary-style wedding photographer 2022 award

What they said –

SME UK Enterprise Awards continues to recognise businesses that are endeavouring to better their industry.

It has been a long journey from being nominated, undergoing research, judging stages and finally being recognized for an award.  

We are happy to announce this year’s winners. 

Best Documentary-Style Wedding Photographer (North West) 2022: Wes Simpson Weddings – the United Kingdom

Wes Simpson is an award-winning documentary-style wedding photographer who captures unforgettable moments on your wedding day.

Wes has an incredible ability to capture emotion while remaining unobtrusive. He has a natural talent for storytelling and will contribute to making your wedding day magical and memorable.

His passion and expertise as a documentary-style wedding photographer are visible in his natural-style images, which have captured the attention of luxury vendors and celebrity clients. 

Based in the North West of England, Wes covers weddings throughout the UK and international weddings abroad. 

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Best documentary-style wedding photographer 2022 award

Award-winning wedding photographer

I’m overjoyed to have been named Best Documentary-style Wedding Photographer 2022 – in the United Kingdom by SME UK Enterprise Awards.

The desire to create one-of-a-kind images and capture memories for my clients is as strong today as it was when I first started in 2006.

The last 18 months pushed me to my limits. 2020/21 was the year of postponed weddings and significant personal growth. It remains my biggest learning curve to date.

However, 2022 has been a fantastic year for award-winning wedding photography. Earlier this year, at the English Wedding Awards, I received the following honours:

X2Wedding Photographer of the Year 2022 – Overall Winner and North region.

For me, these awards serve as a pat on the back, a reminder that I’ve found something I enjoy doing with my life and it’s a little reassurance that some people think I’m okay at it.

More importantly, it reminds me to push forward, contribute and keep creating.

Best documentary-style wedding photographer 2022 award

What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

Okay, so I’ve been named Best Documentary-style Wedding Photographer 2022. But, you may be wondering, what exactly is documentary wedding photography?

Photographers, wedding magazines, and blog writers use terms such as documentary, reportage, and photojournalism to describe the look and feel of natural, unposed, and factual images.

For me, it’s images that capture real-time events during a wedding celebration. I guess the only real difference is the way bridal magazines fashionably label ‘real moments.’

Pure documentary wedding photography is the creation of an image without the intervention of the photographer. The images capture observed moments while conveying authenticity and story.

I discuss it in more detail here: What is documentary wedding photography?  

Best documentary-style wedding photographer 2022 award

Why documentary wedding photography?

Documentary-style photography always fascinated me even before I became a photographer. Especially, grainy black and white behind-the-scenes photos of musicians and Hollywood actors.

Today, I’m best known for my natural-looking wedding photography. People seem to remember the emotional ones the most, and that’s what usually connects me with my clients.

Documentary photography has second nature to me. Because I used to be a t.v. cameraman, I photograph weddings the same way. “Like a fly on the wall, as if there was no camera.

This style of wedding photography has personal and emotional value for my couples. These images, like a piece of music or a unique smell, trigger memories that last for years.

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Best documentary-style wedding photographer 2022 award

10 Documentary wedding images

As a documentary-style wedding photographer, I looooove images like the ones below.

And if you like them too and are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your special day, we have a lot in common.

Contact me today to be your documentary-style wedding photographer. 

I can’t wait to meet you. 

A note to myself and fellow photographers.

This is one industry magazine’s opinion. There are thousands of talented photographers who could have been named Best Documentary-style Wedding Photographer 2022.

If you’re a photographer reading this and feeling discouraged, don’t give up. I’ve often felt overlooked by numerous awards and “Top 100” lists.

As creatives, we must create. Continue to grow and challenge ourselves. I admire anyone willing to push the envelope, stare at a blank page, create something, and then release it into the world.

Best documentary-style wedding photographer 2022 award

Best Documentary-style Wedding Photographer UK 2022

I feel incredibly proud to have been awarded Best Documentary-style Wedding Photographer in the United Kingdom in 2022 by SME Enterprise Awards.

I am truly grateful to have a job I love so much. A massive thank you to my amazing couples for choosing me and trusting me to document your love stories. 

Wes x

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