A selection of destination wedding photography from Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and more…

I consider myself a photographer fascinated by people, culture and stories, not just a wedding photographer. I’m an avid people watcher who loves to travel, so being a destination wedding photographer is a dream come true.

For me, destination weddings are extra special, the added air of excitement of family and friends all being in an unfamiliar environment, whether that be a beautiful beach on the Island of love in Cyprus, a fun-filled wedding party in Ibiza, the majestic Amalfi Coast or the magic of Tuscany in Italy. There is always an added sense of adventure and romance that makes a destination wedding exciting.

In many ways, I believe hiring a photographer you trust and whose style you like is even more important when planning a destination wedding than getting married at home. Family and friends invest in a holiday to see you tie the knot and everyone back home will want to experience the excitement of your wedding through your photographs.

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Are you planning a destination wedding and like my work? I am based in the UK, however there is no limit to where I will travel to in-order to tell your story.

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