Covid wedding photography West Tower

West Tower Covid Wedding Photography in Lancashire

Keily and John’s Covid wedding story.

Covid Wedding at The West Tower Aughton

Keily and John Covid wedding story from Daresbury church Cheshire and The West Tower Aughton.

My first covid wedding photography experience by photographer Wes Simpson.

Runcorn couple Keily and John had planned a mid-week wedding at West Tower. Originally an intimate affair planned for the 18th of August at the West Tower in Aughton… Then Covid hit!

When the news of Covid hit the UK back in April, it was a worrying and frantic time. All of my wedding photography bookings for 2020 (except one) were postponed within a couple of weeks.

Over the coming weeks and months, guidelines and restrictions for weddings changed. However, Keily and John had planned a small mid-week wedding and held their nerve.

A week before their wedding I got an email from Keily which read –

“Hi Wes, good news! our wedding can now take place; however, due to the many restrictions from the government and registrars, we feel that our original wedding is not what we planned.”

“We have contacted  (Daresbury All Saints Church in Cheshire) and they have said we can marry there and West Tower has said they could still do our reception on this new date.”

“We are having to apply for a special license from the church, but the good news is, our wedding can go ahead.”

Covid wedding photography

Keily and John’s wedding did take place! Sadly, my only wedding of 2020… 

The couple were joined by a small selection of close family and friends for a ceremony at Dersebury All Saints Church in Cheshire which is known for its Alice In Wonderland theme.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds travelled in a white Royles Royce to the West Tower for an intimate drinks reception and meal.

Due to the first dance restrictions, later in the evening, the couple arranged a fantastic surprise fireworks display to end the celebrations.

Photographing a Covid wedding

Arriving for Keily and John’s Covid wedding I was excited to be finally photographing a wedding, but at the same time, I was apprehensive and deeply saddened that it might be my only this year.

If I’m honest, I was excited by what possibilities photographing a Covid wedding would present, and what unexpected curve balls would come my way.

I’ve been photographing weddings for more than 15 years, in that time I’ve travelled worldwide photographing more than 400 weddings in over 10 countries.

I’ve photographed weddings in all seasons and conditions and covered most religious ceremonies too. But never a wedding during a global pandemic!

The biggest takeaway for me when photographing a Covid wedding was my ignorance of how much we communicate with our mouths. I don’t mean sound and words, but visual communication.

As a photographer, I was always taught that “the eyes tell the story” but It’s crazy how much communication is lost when the month is covered when wearing a mask.

I honestly don’t know how an inexperienced photographer would cope with photographing a Covid wedding!

My unique documentary approach allows me to quickly, creatively and discreetly photograph you at your best whilst capturing the moments that truly matter.

However, a lot of non-verbal communication is lost when the people you are photographing are wearing a mask!

During the ceremony, guests abided by social distancing rules and watched the ceremony sitting within their “family bubbles.”

The Priest wore a PPE perspex visor when conducting the ceremony with only the Bride, groom and father of the bride not wearing a facemask.

When we got to the West Tower for the reception, the Covid wedding restrictions that applied at the church were slightly relaxed.

West Tower followed all government guidelines and safely and confidently looked after guests and staff.

Bride with mask on in wedding car with reflection of groom in window at West tower

Notes from the Bride on a Covid wedding

“Wes, we are thrilled with the pictures and the online gallery worked a treat. Other brides need to know that smaller weddings are just as fabulous –

I never knew ours would be so perfect with just 24 guests and it would certainly help the professionals within the industry if people started to go ahead with the smaller weddings.” – Keily.

Covid Wedding Photographer

Are you planning a wedding and looking for a photographer to capture the magic of your special day?

Weddings go so fast. One minute you’re walking down the aisle, and the next you’re wondering where the day went. But don’t worry; I’m here to capture all your special memories –

I will photograph you at your best and the moments that truly matter – I will even show you things that happened that you didn’t know about! 

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If you’re planning a wedding at The West Tower check out my ultimate guide to planning a wedding and photography at The West Tower.

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