Coronavirus poem and people hugging at weddings.

Coronavirus Poem with heartwarming pictures of people at weddings.

“Suddenly hugs and kisses become weapons” 

It’s a strange time, isn’t it? For me, my business and the job I love has been taken from me (for the next couple of months at least). And now more than ever the value of photographs to treasure and share with family and friends will be truly appreciated.

Coronavirus will prove to either show us the best in people or the worst as suddenly hugs and kisses become weapons; when in reality they are the ultimate demonstration of love and affection.

My heart is breaking for couples whose wedding will not go ahead, are postponed or hang in the balance. I’m already missing photographing weddings, but more so, physical connection with family and friends.

The thing I love most about wedding photography is that it has tremendous power and emotional value. It can soften hearts, strengthen relationships and it can bring people together. Weddings celebrations themselves serve as reminders to be grateful for the beautiful people and the precious memories we have in our lives.

Writing this post, I am struggling to find the words to fully express how I feel, so I’ve decided to use someone else’s words that says it better than I ever could. It’s a Coronavirus poem I found online and I think it’s called “Suddenly hugs and kiss become weapons.”

I’ve complimented the Coronavirus poem with a collection of images from weddings that I’ve photographed. Simple images that capture love, people hugging and connection.

Coronavirus poem

Suddenly, we slept in one world and woke up in another. Disney has no more magic and Paris is no longer romantic.

Suddenly, in New York, everyone sleeps. And the Great Wall of China is no longer a fortress.

Suddenly hugs and kisses become weapons. Holding hands and walking the parks become outlawed.

Suddenly, not visiting ageing parents and grandparents becomes an “act of love.”

Suddenly, our bombs and machine guns, our tanks and artilleries begin to gather dust.

Suddenly, we realised that power is with God alone. And that money has no value when it can’t even buy you toilet paper.

Suddenly, we have been put back in our place by the hands of the universe.

And we’ve been made aware of how vulnerably “human” we truly are when faced with a microbe so powerfully inhumane.

– Author unknown: Coronavirus poem



A couple of personal pictures of myself with my girlfriend, with John (one of my longest friendship and my beautiful brave Mum on her 60th Birthday just days after finishing Chemotherapy treatment.



Latest information from Coronavirus (Covid 19) and what you need to do.

Sending virtual hugs to family and friends and to every couple out there postponing. But that’s all it is, a postponement! Your wedding will happen and when it does  –  Suddenly hugs and kisses become weapons of love! You will squeeze a little tighter and laugh a little louder than you ever dreamt possible.

Stay safe, look after yourself and each other. God bless.

Wes x

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