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I’m Wes.

Your premiere choice for a celebrity wedding photographer, high-profile events and luxury wedding photography.

With a focus on natural documentary style, I seamlessly blend into your high-end celebration, capturing candid moments that exude refinement but honour discretion.

My reputation as a luxury celebrity wedding photographer is built on trust, discretion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Celebrities feel comfortable in front of my lens as I create a collaborative and relaxed environment.

Trusted not just for my technical prowess but for my genuine passion for storytelling, ensuring their visual narrative stands the test of time and resonates with the exclusive charm of their unforgettable day.



Commissioned by…

Hello magazine front cover black and white photo Bride kissing Russell Watson on cheek
Russell Watson’s wedding. 50 most memorable weddings of the decade. Hello! Magazine.

CELEBRITY Wedding and Event Photographer


Celebrities choose me, Wes Simpson, to capture their special occasions because of my unique ability to seamlessly blend luxury with authenticity in every photograph. Specialising in natural documentary style, I am dedicated to ensuring that each shot is a genuine reflection of the moment, showcasing both the grandeur of high-profile events and the real emotions shared among the stars.

My unobtrusive approach and commitment to privacy make me a trusted choice for those seeking intimate yet lavish documentation of their unique celebrations.

“We commissioned Wes for his natural approach. We are so happy with the results.”

Russell and Louise Watson

I am totally obsessed with the whole gallery. You absolute genius!

Amy & Rickie Lambert Wedding
(Southhampton FC, Liverpool FC & England.

Celebrity wedding photographer

Your venue, dress, flowers, and cake can all look perfect on the day, but it’s the skilful shooting, expert lighting and thoughtful composition of your wedding photographer that will shape the memories of the day as you look back on your wedding for years to come.

As a well-known Celebrity Wedding Photographer from the North West of England, I come to your wedding celebration as an award-winning photographer with two decades of experience.

During this time I have photographed weddings worldwide, won multiple awards and seen my work featured in celebrity magazines such as Hello! and Vogue.

Photography experience

A background in the media industry and a degree in body language have given me the incredible gift of being able to visualise the finished photo in my mind before I’ve pressed the shutter.

This enables me to create artistic images and to pre-empt and capture unscripted fleeting moments of emotion.

This unique skill coupled with my professionalism and enthusiasm has seen me featured on TV as a ‘celebrity wedding photographer’ and providing photography for Liverpool and Everton football players.

In 2016 my ability to capture emotion caught the attention of the UK’s biggest-selling classical artist, opera star Russell Watson; who commissioned me to photograph his destination wedding.

The wedding was featured in a HELLO! Magazine exclusive and described as –  “A Fairytale Wedding Album.”  Read the feature article Here.

This celebrity wedding was also listed in the “50 most memorable celebrity weddings of the decade” in Hello! Magazine.

Complimentary skills

During my time as a photographer, I have had the privilege of photographing the concerts and live performances of many celebrities.

These include artists such as Paul WellerRock Group U2, Morrissey, Richard Ashcroft, Pink and more.

Having the experience of photographing at such prestigious live events gives my wedding clients the confidence that I have the knowledge, skill and education to deal with the pressure of capturing the moments that truly matter on the biggest day of their lives.

What’s more interesting is my documentary style of wedding photography and ability to capture emotion has crossed over and appealed to A-list clients who have invited me to exclusively photograph personal aspects of their work, lives and behind-the-scenes.

The best wedding photographers in England

Due to my ability to capture emotion, several wedding blogs have named me as one of the best wedding photographers in the UK, which is flattering and I guess subjective. But in all honesty, I just love what I do.

When a couple chooses me to photograph their day, I promise to tell their story in a beautiful, fun and authentic way. My focus is on capturing moments that matter, producing images that will make them laugh, and smile and will trigger memories in years to come.”

Dream Big

  • Wedding Photographer of the Year 2023 & 2022
  • Best Documentary-style Wedding Photographer 2022
  • Top 50 Wedding Photographers in the UK – GoHen
  • Top 10 Destination Wedding Photographers In England – ZankYou
  • 50 Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings Of The Decade – Hello!

Celebrity wedding photographer services

It’s a huge honour to be commissioned to photograph the personal and private events in people’s lives and it’s one that I don’t take lightly. When working with stylish couples who live life to its fullest, I find they tend to give me more creative freedom and opt for a ‘documentary wedding photography‘ approach to capturing their day (which I love).

With clients like these, every seemingly accidental moment looks fully intentional, and only serves to make their story more inspiring.

A lot of my luxury, celebrity and destination weddings are 3 to 5-day events, so building trust with my clients is important. The process usually starts with a face-to-face consultation or a FaceTime if unable to meet in person before confirming any booking. This is a great way to build rapport and for the clients to view my work first-hand.

Privacy and control

As a leading professional celebrity wedding photographer, undertaking high-profile and celebrity wedding assignments, I understand the importance of privacy and the need for celebrities, high-profile individuals and their representatives to have full control of their imagery.

Some clients do ‘a deal’ with a magazine before the wedding and simply hire me as a personal photographer to photograph their personal and private events others opt for full control, hiring me as their principal ‘in-house’ photographer whereby retaining full control and release of their images.

The photography shared on my website is done so with the consent of those being featured. Privacy and trust are often one of the main factors to why I am chosen to photograph celebrity weddings and this is always discussed with the client before any wedding.

Professional photography and storybook albums

I offer the choice of both a ‘digital’ photography service whereby the wedding photographs are presented via digital download together with the choice of bespoke wedding albums. 

All albums are exclusively designed in-house by Wes Simpson Weddings and printed in Italy by the world’s best manufacturer.

Professional Storytelling

Your Celebrity Wedding and Event Photographer.

Choosing me as your photographer for your high-profile event, wedding or engagement would be choosing to work with a professional, creative and trustworthy photographer with a relaxed approach.

If you’re a celebrity it would give you the flexibility of having your personal and private moments captured authentically with the added control of the syndication rights to your images.

If would like to reach out to me to talk about becoming your wedding photographer I would be thrilled to hear from you.

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