Celebrity photoshoot Russell Watson Farm Hello Magazine

Celebrity Photoshoot for Hello! Magazine

Photoshoot with tenor Russell Watson for Hello! Magazine.

I’m excited to share some highlights from my recent editorial celebrity photoshoot featuring classical opera singer Russell Watson, which you can catch alongside Emily Horan’s interview in the latest issue of Hello! Magazine.

The feature kicks off with a warm welcome from Russell and his wife Louise, as they invite us into their stunning new farm nestled in the Cheshire Countryside.

The opening spread boasts a captivating three-quarter double-page image taken by myself, capturing world-renowned opera signer Russell, his wife Louise, and their beloved dogs—a personal favourite moment from our photo shoot.

In the article, Russell paints a vivid picture of their life on the farm, with 15 acres of picturesque farmland and a bustling menagerie of animals keeping them on their toes. With a hearty laugh, he compares their lively farm to Jeremy Clarkson’s, emphasizing the constant activity and the unexpected workout it provides.

Since relocating from Wilmslow to their rural haven last December, the couple’s daily routine has transformed, filled with gardening, cleaning, and plenty of outdoor chores. It’s been a remarkable journey for the 55-year-old tenor, who finds himself embracing a whole new lifestyle amidst the serene countryside.

Check out the highlights from a recent celebrity photoshoot for Hello! magazine…

Hello Magazine front cover celebrity photoshoot Russell Watson farm in Cheshire
Celebrity photoshoot Russell Watson Farm Hello Magazine

Hello! Magazine Celebrity photoshoot

Photos from my celebrity photoshoot with Russell Watson accompany Emily Horan’s interview in the latest issue of Hello Magazine. The opening text reads –

Welcoming us to his beautiful new farm, Russell Watson, the tenor and his wife Louise living in the Cheshire Countryside. 

The opening text is accompanied by a stunning three-quarter double-page image of Russell, Louise, and their dogs (a personal favourite of the couple from the shoot).

A snippet from the article reads:

With 15 acres of picturesque rolling farmland and an ever-expanding menagerie of animals to tend to, there is never a dull moment at Russell Watson’s idyllic Cheshire pile.

“Jeremy Clarkson’s farm has got nothing on this place – Watson’s farm is manic,” says the world-renowned tenor with a hearty laugh, as he and his wife Louise welcome HELLO! Magazine to their farm in Congleton.

“This place keeps you busy. I’ve hardly been to the gym, but I’m doing more steps and more cardio exercise than I’ve ever done – cleaning the place up, gardening, jet-washing, and lots of grass to mow. Every day is a learning experience.”

Salford-born Russell, 55, has seen his life change since he and Louise moved from nearby Wilmslow to their slice of rural heaven last December.

Celebrity wedding photography

If you follow me on social media, you may recall I photographed Russell and Louise’s destination wedding in Spain for Hello! Magazine a few years ago.

The wedding was later named one of the 50 most memorable celebrity weddings of the decade by Hello! Which is very special.

It was a privilege to be invited back to photograph Russell and Louise for Hello! again. This time for a celebrity lifestyle feature at their new home in Cheshire.

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Russell Watson wedding in Hello Magazine

Editorial celebrity photographer

Even though I’ve worked on many TV sets as a cameraman, this celebrity photoshoot was a welcome change of pace at the end of a busy wedding season.

I’m a wedding photographer specialising in documentary wedding photography. Away from weddings, I work as a commercial and editorial photographer. 

Although a different market, my photography style largely remains the same and always centres around authentic images of people.

What Is Editorial Photography?

Images that appear alongside text in publications to help tell a story or educate readers are referred to as editorial photography.  

A feature story about a celebrity’s new home, for example, might include images of the celebrity, the building and the décor. 

Fashion photography is a type of editorial photography that uses images to tell a story without words. In these images, photography is used to represent a mood rather than sell products.

About Wes

What is documentary wedding photography?

Hello Magazine celebrity photoshoot Russell Watson music piano and discs on wall in home Cheshire
Photographer Wes Simpson and Russell Watson on Hello photoshoot

Celebrity photoshoot, Russell Watson in Hello! Magazine

As a Cheshire-based editorial photographer, I am grateful for the opportunity to have supported Russell Watson, Louise, and Hello Magazine on this celebrity photoshoot.

It was a fantastic day; we had a lot of fun and produced a variety of wonderful images for the magazine editor to choose from.

Russell’s new single “A Spaceman Came Travelling” is out now, taken from the forthcoming album with Aled Jones out in November. 

Tickets for Russell Watson’s 2022 Christmas tour are now on sale.

The latest issues of Hello! Magazine featuring my celebrity photoshoot with “Russell Watson at home on his farm in Cheshire” is out now in print and online today.

Celebrity photoshoot in Cheshire for Hello Magazine photographed by Wes Simpson.  Shot on Sony A9 camera and lenses. Thanks to assistant/ lightning Gavin Alexander.

With special thanks to Freddie Sloan.

Hello! Magazine. 

Russell Watson website

Shoot Credits

Hello magazine Russell Watson photoshoot credits


Shot on location in Cheshire at the home and farm of Russell Watson and his wife Louise.


  • Photographer: Wes Simpson
  • Assistant and lighting: Gavin Alexander
  • Makeup: Alice Theobald
  • Styling: Natalie Read
  • Hair: Beth Harris
  • Interview: Emily Horan
  • Special thanks: Freddie Sloan

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