Camera tips you can use with your smartphone

Expert camera tips and photography recommendations that anybody can use for taking better pictures on their smartphone, including iPhone 11, Samsung s10 and Huawei p30. By pro photographer Wes Simpson.


man and woman take a selfie, smartphone camera tips


Camera phones are big business and you can’t argue with the convenience of having a camera by your side 24/7. If you’re lucky enough to be getting a new smartphone for Christmas you’ll want to make use of the built-in camera.

Smartphone photography has massively improved over the last few years and to make the most of the technology available to us, it’s a good idea to have some basic photography knowledge to help you when taking photos with your smartphone.

Ok, smartphones are never going to compete with dedicated DSLRs or mirrorless cameras for the serious pros, but as a compact alternative that’s always in your pocket is a fantastic tool, after all, they say the best camera is the one you have on you!

So, whether you opt for the new iPhone 11, Samsung s10, or Huawei p30, there are 5 essential professional camera tips that you can use to harness to power of your smartphone for taking better pictures…

Man kissing woman of head. Camera tips demonstrating rule of 3rds


1. Don’t rely on your phones built-in flash. Experiment with different light sources for effect and to create an atmosphere in the picture. Where possible use available light for natural-looking images.

2. A great camera tip to use if the subject is moving is to try to keep the subject in the centre of your frame, your picture will tell more of a story if the viewer can see where the subject has been or is moving towards.

3. If shooting a fast-moving or unpredictable subject use burst mode, that way you can choose from a selection of images taken at a faster speed.

4. One of the best camera tips for natural-looking pictures is to use ‘The Rule Of Thirds.” Use your camera phone’s built-in grid and place the subject on the cross-section. This makes the image more interesting and it will look more natural. Take the above picture for example. The kiss is placed on a cross section.

5. Getting the aperture right is essential for making the subject the star of the shot. You should have the background blurred to help the subject stand out, but not too blurred that it removes the context of the environment it’s in.

So there they are 5 professional camera tips that anybody can use to take better pictures. If you’re interested in learning more about photography, contact me today for information on 121 photography mentoring.

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