Wes in the press. Bafta Win!

Who’d have thought I’d ever be front page news? My Mum and Dad will be proud!

Last week I experienced a bizarre feeling, a mixture of pride, excitement when myself and two friends pulled up at the local Shell garage and seen my face featured on the front page of my local newspaper stand; The Skelmersdale Champion, which is a local newspaper for people in Lancashire picked up on my involvement in a feature film called Kelly and Victor which won a Bafta at the 2014 film awards. My involvement in the film – all be it a small one, was to provide behind the scenes and publicity stills for the feature film. The newspaper picked up on the story through social media and I was called and asked if it was ok if they did a small “local interest story” on me, so you can imagine surprise Tuesday morning when myself and friends pulled up at the local garage to see my face on the front page of the local newspaper stand. The following few day’s resulted in a bit of mickey taking from friends and family over the ‘youthfull’ picture that was used, people claiming it was taken few years ago, (ha ha it wasn’t… honest).

Below is the front page article take from Champion News written by Henry James, image link available Here

Wes’s Role In Bafta-Winning Film.

A PHOTOGRAPHER based in Lancashire is celebrating after a film which he worked on was among the winners at the star-studded British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards night at the Royal Opera House in London this week.

Wes Simpson provided press, publicity and behind-the-scenes photography for the comedy, Kelly and Victor, directed by Welsh director Kieran Evans who received the prize for Outstanding Debut by a British writer, director or producer at the prestigious ceremony.

Kelly and Victor tells the story of a young couple embarking on a passionate love affair. An adaptation of Niall Griffiths’ acclaimed novel, it was filmed on location in Liverpool for Film Four and stars Janine Marmot.

Wes, who was asked to work on the film after a word-of-mouth recommendation, was delighted to be associated with such a high-profile success.

And although his was a strictly minor role, he believes it is a compliment nevertheless.

He said: “On a personal note, I’m thrilled to be connected to any project that strives for success. To have been asked to be involved with a project that has gone on to win a Bafta is amazing and, I believe, a compliment to my own ability.

”My involvement in this film – albeit a small one – highlights the importance of having a goal and a vision and is a great way to have started the year.

“This recognition is good and hopefully it will mean that more money will be available for up-and-coming directors. It also highlights Merseyside as a filming destination. The North West had been quiet as a filming destination over the last few years.”

The 35-year-old wasn’t at the Royal Opera House for the awards but he has been sent a copy of the DVD in the post with a personal note thanking him for his efforts.

Wes trained with the BBC as a television cameraman and has worked in that role on TV productions including Brookside, Hollyoaks, Shameless and Emmerdale.

His career then took a different direction for four years as he became personal assistant and photographer to opera star Russell Watson.

Wes added: “This was a uniquely privileged position that saw me travel the globe with Mr Watson. During this time he had three platinum albums, a world tour and performed a number of high-profile concerts and events for presidents, world leaders, royallty and high-profile celebrities.”

After that Wes set up Wes Simpson Photography, photographing weddings and music concerts for stars including Pink, Paul Weller and Morrissey.

And a recent re-brand has seen his commercial work feature in the national press and weekly glossies, while he has appeared as the featured photographer on the Channel 5 show, Celebrity Wedding Planner starring Kerry Katona and Jedwood.

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Article available Here.

Wes Simpson is a photographer based in Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester providing professional images for Weddings, Commercial photography and TV/Film and publicity stills. For more information please visit the Website.

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